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Rabbi Shifren

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California State Senate,

District #26

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Come to our gala Beverly Hills Party, Monday, October 4, 6-8 PM.

Meet L.A.'s top politicians, talking about one of America's great conservative candidates, Rabbi Shifren.

Guest speakers: L.A. County Supervisor Michael Antonovich, Reverend Jesse Lee Peterson, CEO, B.O.N.D. International.  
Plus: a special message from America's funniest comedian, JACKIE MASON.

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RSVP Hotline: 323-680-5871

Rabbi Shifren answers questions from constituents in South Central Los Angeles.
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What do top experts and scholars think about Rabbi Shfiren's dedication to the Constitution and his pledge to voters to oppose any degrading thereof?  Find out his stance on the the most insidious threat to our freedom and individual liberties: SHARIA LAW.  Watch this revealing video and learn of his dedication to the freedom and safety of our citizens.

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Volunteers needed!

Let Rabbi Shifren's staff know about your talents and any way you can help with his campaign!  We always need volunteers to man phones, email correspondence, precinct walk, help with candidate forums, etc. YOUR HELP IS APPRECIATED!  Contact:

Father of slain athlete Jamiel Shaw endorses Rabbi Shifren for State Senate

Another preventable human tragedy occurred on March 2, 2008 when a young black man with a promising future, Jamiel Shaw Jr., was murdered in cold blood three houses away from the safety of home. One of the two accused killers is an illegal alien, Pedro Espinoza, who had just been released from jail the day before the shooting. Espinoza was a known member of LA's 18th Street gang, yet was released with no check of his immigration status because of Special Order 40.

If elected, Rabbi Shifren will introduce legislation to eliminate so called "Sanctuary Cities" and policies like Special Order 40.

Here is a video of Jamiel's father, Jamiel Shaw Sr. endorsing Rabbi Shifren for State Senate.


Last week's candidate forum between Democrat incumbent Curren Price and challenger Rabbi Shifren at Lucy Florence in the Crenshaw District went off without a hitch--except for one problem. Price DECIDED NOT TO SHOW UP! Instead, Rabbi Shifren "won" the forum, debating his counterpart in effigy!! Why won't Price, with all his millions of union money and all-pwerful Ridley-Thomas political machine behind him, share his views with his constituents?!


The citizens are rising up, sick to death of the standard "hope and change" platitudes that have brought us economic ruin, open-border anarchy, and schools that are a disgrace to our state.

The era of "PIGMENTATION POLITICS" is over. Citizens in our District are fed up, and will vote for a candidate who will actually WORK FOR THE PEOPLE, NOT AGAINST THEM!

Pass the word to everyone you know about Rabbi Shifren's message: EDUCATIONAL REFORM, RELIEF FOR OUR SMALL BUSINESSES, ACCOUNTABILITY AND HONESTY!

Rabbi Shifren with his good friend Sheriff Joe Arpaio at a rally involving Arizona's new law SB 1070.

According to Sheriff Joe, “Giving all of my deputies the ability to enforce all immigration laws has not proven to be any additional strain of resources like so many critics of the proposed state immigration law claim. Their argument is a cop out because they do not want illegal immigration laws enforced.”

Rabbi Shifren supports Arizona SB 1070 and if elected will work tirelessly to pass a similar law in California.

Dana Rohrabacher supports reformer rabbi, Nachum Shifren, to straighten-out schools, crime in L.A.

Rabbi Shifren Speaks on the Future of the 26th District.

Hawaii Senator Fred Hemmings Talks about Rabbi Shifren.

Dear voters in California State Senate District, #26

My campaign will focus on two critical issues facing our state: Crime and Education (which consists of 50% of the State budget).   As a result of dealing with these in a responsible and a fiscally manageable fashion, the California taxpayer will be relieved from the waste of tax dollars in State Government, and we will advance the cause for individual liberty.


 As a result of our total breakdown in education, we are cranking out our future criminals. THERE IS PRESENTLY NO TALK WHATSOEVER ABOUT ANY DETERRENCE FOR THE INCARCERATED. I have witnessed, as a rehab teacher in L.A. County Jail how prisoners actually enjoy being behind bars, earning them coveted prestige in the eyes of gangs and other hoodlums. I pledge to make the criminal face the music, never wanting to go to jail IN THE FIRST PLACE. The days of YOU paying over $50,000 per criminal, per year--WITHOUT CONSEQUENCES, MUST END.


We are facing a crisis in the schools: THE DROP-OUT RATE IS OVER 50%.  These students, by and large, CANNOT PASS THE STATE EXIT EXAM! This means that our high school grads cannot compute or compose at 7th and 8th grade levels, respectively. YOU, THE TAXPAYER, ARE ENABLING THE CRIMINAL DUMBING DOWN OF OUR SCHOOLS. My plan is revolutionary, yet quite simple: accountability at every level. As an LAUSD teacher of twenty years, I have never condoned or pandered to those promoting failure. Non-citizens must not be allowed to have State language standards lowered or corrupted. Our taxpayers have had enough of funding the education of non-citizens, when our own students are in need of a remedial Marshall Plan. An enlightened citizenry is a people that will cherish freedom, fight for it, and never let government bureaucrats dictate how we shall live as Americans!

"If we had ten more teachers like Rabbi Shifren, we could turn America around tomorrow"
Rev. Jesse Lee Petersen.


Rabbi Nachum Shifren, lecturer and author of the only book that reveals the truth about the Los Angeles Unified School District - - "Kill Your Teacher: An Expose of Corruption and Racism in LA Schools."

Frontpage Magazine reviewed the book.
To read the review click here.

To order the book click here.






"Nachum Shifren’s exposé brings focus and understanding to the problems in some inner city schools that will facilitate the education community in joining together to assure a quality education for every youth, and a quality school in every neighborhood."

Diane Lenning
Candidate for California State Superintendant of Public Instruction, 2010.
To see her web site click here.

Rabbi Shifren is an advocate for youth physical fitness, demonstrates his skills at Malibu Beach. Rabbi Shifren is a triathlete, marathoner, and ex-LA County Beach Lifeguard. He gives fitness and nutrition seminars and conducts surfing camps for young and old. 

To see a video of the Rabbi's program for changing the lives of inter city youth via surfing click here.


Rabbi Nachum Shifren
P.O. Box 214
Santa Monica, Ca. 90406

Fax (206) 202-0607

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