Rabbi Shifren's Background

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Rabbi Shifren is a graduate of Reseda High School, 1969, where he remembers well how it was: Latin Club, Chess Club, swimming, basketball, football, baseball, with tons of extracurricular activities. Learning flourished, and an aura of academic excellence boosted Reseda to one of the top schools in the city.

He finished his BA in German Language and Literature with a minor in Spanish at UCSB in 1985.

He studied abroad as an exchange student at the Geothe Institute and the University of Goettingen in West Germany in 1982.

He was a Los Angeles County Beach lifeguard at beaches throughout the county from 1973 till 1984, excelling in paddleboard racing and big wave surfing. He is an excellent athlete, having run marathons, tri-athlons, and surfing contests.

The Rabbi is a Southern California native.  A disciplined athlete, competitive swimmer, runner and triathlete, he served for 10 years as a Los Angeles County Lifeguard and received a commendation from the Mayor for lifesaving water rescue.

He started his teaching career as a Spanish teacher in LAUSD in 1991.

His controversial book, "Kill Your Teacher", documents the total breakdown in Dorsey High School where he taught in an atmosphere of threats, violence, and corruption.

Shifren received a Bachelor of Arts degree from UC Santa Barbara in Spanish and German Literature.  He continued graduate studies in West Germany at the University of Goettingen. Rabbi Shifren is a language teacher and is fluent in Spanish, German, Hebrew and Yiddish.

He has been featured in People magazine, The Los Angeles Times, The Jerusalem Post, GQ magazine, The Jewish Press, Surfer magazine, The Jerusalem Report, as well as Le Figaro, The Manchester Guardian, Sud-Deutsche Zeitung, and other international media. He has appeared on ABC's Good Morning America, CNN, Phil Donohue, NPR radio, JTN, Fox TV, Deutsche Welle TV, Dutch, Spanish and Canadian National TV, KNX Radio, KBRT, and KFI Los Angeles. He founded Jewish Surfers International and the Surf & Soul newsletter. A movie based on the Surfing Rabbi is currently in development.

Rabbi Shifren lives in Los Angeles.  He is actively involved in physical fitness training, surfing and water safety. He continues to publish, lecture and teach and is known worldwide as "The Surfing Rabbi."

His candidacy for California State Assembly will bring accountability and patriotism to a system that has abandoned its responsibility to the taxpayers of Los Angeles

Rabbi Shifren is a member of the following organizations:

  • Cease Fire Committee, (AME, Bethel Church)

  • America's Black Shield

  • Culver City Chamber of Commerce

  • United Teachers of Los Angeles

  • Act for America

  • Director, L.A. Parents for Educational Reform and Neighborhood Safety

  • Malibu Surfing Association