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Multiculturalism Will Bring Us Our Next 9-11

Essay by Rabbi Shifren  

January 7, 2010

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Let's start by saying what everybody already knows: We will have another terrorist attack in the U.S. We just don't know when or where. What we as Americans are basically asked to do is be guinea pigs in an out-of-control terrorist experiment, where assessments will determine the best way for us to die. How has the greatest, mightiest country on earth been reduced to groveling and bowing down to cut-throat murderers? When did we become apologists for our individual freedoms and Constitution. Our Judeo-Christian heritage?

Let's take a walk through memory lane, to those tarnished halls of American academia, where our notions of academic freedom and striving for excellence, have long been discarded.

Since the 60's, our schools have been not only dumbed down, but as a result, we have become a "nation at risk." Listen to what the National Commission on Excellence in Education presented to then-President Reagan in 1983 its landmark study, "A Nation at Risk:"

The educational foundations of our society are presently being eroded by a rising tide of mediocrity that threatens our very future as a nation and as a people...if an unfriendly foreign power had attempted to impose on America the mediocre educational performance that exists today, we might well have viewed it as an ACT OF WAR. As it stands, we have allowed this to happen to ourselves...we have, in effect, been committing an act of unthinking, unilateral disarmament."

 An act of war? You'd never know it as you romp through the hallways of our schools. It's business as usual as our "teachers' churn out texts and agendas that bash America, Whites, Christians, and anything that smacks of the uniqueness of America, hard work, delayed gratification, honor to our military, sanctity of marriage, accentuating the accomplishments of the individual and rewarding such.

Has anything changed since 1983? How have we learned from our folly, and made good in our schools? Let's fast forward to 1998 and hear what educational experts wrote in a new report, "A Nation Still at Risk."

Totally aside from the tremendous waste of taxpayer money ( a recent UC Santa Barbara study estimates the drop-out bill due to Californians at $45 billion), we are creating a sub-class that can and will be manipulated by demagogues, preparing them for massive shifts in government control over individual liberties, transforming America into a third-class banana republic. We will march off to our work camps, cheerily singing hymns extolling "hope and change", thereby ending the golden period of America.

But the question remains: Wither those disaffected youth, drop outs and malcontents, that were deprived of a proper education and robbed of their share in America's bounty by the "multiculturalists" that had wasted the formative years of our students with drivel and Marxist nonsense? Wither those dumbed-down, cast-outs, that sneer at achievement and the praising of the individual over the masses weaned on "cooperative learning?"

Several years ago, it came as a shock that a white, suburban teen ran off to Afghanistan, joined the Al Qaeda, and was one of our POW's in Guantanamo Bay. America was shocked! How could he?! How could he!?, was the refrain from the main-stream media. Well, look at the environment the spawned him, and you'll come up with the answers.

Those 60's hippies are now our "elder statesmen". The Michael Ayers prototypes didn't disappear after the Viet Nam War. They continued their seditious talents by infecting a whole generation of youth to hate America--here in our schools.

It's a known fact that the incarceration rate for young Blacks is double the national average. What goes on in the jails and prisons of America? More hate, more radical Islam shoved down their throats, more alienation of our institutions and the foundation of our country. But more disturbing is what happens to the alienated inner city youth BEFORE THEY GO TO PRISON. They are set up for failure. ALL races and ethnicities in our legions of educrats will tell you that "inner city youth need special accommodations. They ALL will tell you that the bar may not be raised. They ALL lay a total guilt trip about those individuals that have worked hard to excel and therefore evolve, claiming that the "stacked deck" is the rule for our Black and Hispanic students.

A few years ago, in Los Angeles, we were witness to the spectre of Old Glory being lowered and in its stead, the Mexican flag was hoisted up at several schools. Not one word was said by the administration. We are told regularly that Southwest America is Mexico, and therefore no need to teach Hispanics English.

We have a president whose disdain for America is not lost on our students. Before Obama, it was hard to tell a class why we had to say the pledge of allegiance. And now? Hatred and contempt for America grows daily in our schools. There is one area where solidarity and signs of support grows daily, however. Gays, lesbians, cross-dressers, and other deviates are in full swing, with gay-day parades AT TAXPAYERS' EXPENSE. "Jim and John" books are read to our kindergarten students to glorify and desensitize homosexual stigmas. There is not one high school in Southern California that doesn't have a Gay Student Union, with an enthusiastic list of sponsors. The balkanization and blurring of American unity is in full swing with Latino Club, African American Club, Japanese Club, Korean Club; one club YOU WON'T SEE IS WHITE, CHRISTIAN AMERICA CLUB.

Where have our teachers and their minions taken us? How have WE, the taxpayers, let them get away with this?

Here's something to think about the next time you are watching some American institution being obliterated by suicide bombers or some other assault designed to vanquish our nation:

Where were you when

So our schools have become the shock troops, basically, for the next, intensified round of Jihad. Once we have put into question our very institutions, our heritage of Judeo-Christian ethos, and the foundation of America's greatness: individual liberty and freedom of expression and religion--all through the steady diet of apologetics and guilt trips laid on our students and teachers of faith--then we have sanctioned our enemies to act, knowing that the youth of America have been programmed NOT to react.

Rabbi Shifren is inviting scholars, school administrators, concerned parents, teachers, and community activists to attend a one-of-a-kind conference where we will start America's second revolution: bringing values and pride of America into our schools. Distinguished speakers from many segments of our community will enlighten and strengthen us as we gear up for this daunting challenge.

This conference will be on January 21, 2010, in Los Angeles. For info and RSVP, go to:


A Warning to America's Teachers

Essay by Rabbi Shifren

December 27, 2009

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We as teachers cannot afford to sit on the sidelines any longer. It cannot be business-as-usual as we seek to bring enlightenment to our over 100 charges each day, nonchalantly plowing through our benchmarks and state standards. There is something deeply disturbing about our profession, and the time has come to shed light on our role as the mentors of America's youth.

 Never before in my recollection has there been a youth so out of touch with America's values. This applies to the upscale "westside" schools as it does to the most challenging inner city environment. As I patrol the halls at times during our announcement and pledge-of-allegiance period, I see very few students or even teachers saluting to the flag. Why is this important? Why must our students visibly identify with their country? I bet you there are a whole bunch of teachers out there that have given up on presenting an unabashed view of patriotism and altruism. I sense that our destructive media and kowtowing boards of education prefer not to instigate the leftist media with any above-the-radar incidents that would bring scrutiny to their fiefdoms.

What's happening across the land is basically that we teachers of America are losing our students. We are losing them to the Internet madness of pornography, the armies of organized gangs marauding through our cities and towns, the prolific drugs and stimulants that alter fragile, undeveloped minds, but most insidious of all, we're losing our youth to a national lethargy and political correctness that threatens to sap the collective fighting spirit of America, turning us into victims and setting our nation up for a home-grown fifth column, ripe for the picking of the leftist ideologues that abound on our campuses.

For us teachers, it all starts in the credentialing programs. These are often run by pinheads that are burned-out, self imposed refugees from the classroom, putting on a facade of love of the profession, but in reality want to be left alone, stress free and student-free. If teaching is so wonderful, why are they out of the class? Why are they not in our inner city ghetto schools, dealing with the gangs and violence that abounds? Where are these self-professed "professionals" (funny, the more PhD and magnanimous appelatives that surround their titles, the less they seem to be fit for the daily rigors of campus combat!)? Answer: teaching is difficult, not for the squeamish or faint-hearted. That's why it is the COMPLETELY INEXPERIENCED, ROOKIE TEACHERS THAT GET FED THROUGH THE MEAT GRINDERS of America's inner city campuses, untrained, inexperienced, ill-equipped to deal with the dysfunction and often racist environment that permeates the failing schools and fuels our out-of-control drop-out numbers. The experienced teachers either are re-assigned to the "good" schools (sans black/Hispanic racial contentiousness), or finagle getting some "administrative" gig--far away from the students--or, lacking the above, quit. California educrats tell us that the average lifespan of a teacher is 7 years. SEVEN YEARS? How much did it cost to train our teachers, how many man-hours to get them in para-professional positions, putting entire classes on hold while they plow through their course load on their way to getting credentials?

When you talk to these teacher drop-outs, its not the money (what money?) that bothers them. It's the total lack of administrative support, parental backing, community indifference, and lack of validation toward their professionalism that drives them away.

 What we don't see in our nation's teachers, even the most erudite and professional, is often a total lack of the raisson d'etre for being a teacher in America. Period. When one walks by the class, witnessing a myriad of instructional aids, high-tech devices thrown in to make us look "modern", computerized classrooms with Internet auxiliary programs, and the like, the naive observer gets the notion that all MUST be going great, what with the arsenal of high-tech gadgetry and all. What we don't see is the alienation and disconnect between imagery by design and the credo of each individual student's responsibility and connectedness with his or her country. Essentially, we're teaching in a vacuum. We draw no conclusions about our nation's status among the nations, our uniqueness and special place in history, and the role of the individual in asserting freedom and individual liberty. Teachers nowadays are loathe to reinforce values that have etched their way into American culture by our founding fathers, nor are they willing to risk revealing the consequences of those values that will guarantee our freedom in tomorrow's war of ideas and assaults upon our country.

 Today's modern teacher cannot stand before a class and tell why America is NOT a racist nation. Our educators cannot withstand the fuselage of queries about why America considers itself "different" from the plethora of dictatorships and tyrannies run roughshod over the globe. What teacher today can, with straight face, unflinching clarity, and bold assertiveness, claim, "there is no such thing as global warming," for example? Who among us has the audacity to insist that "multi-culturalism" is code for the unraveling of the national glue that holds us together, often used as a racist ploy, chipping away at the very foundations of America? Where is the teacher so confident and steadfast in principle, that can withstand the run-away train of junk-grades, given to take the pressure off due to "community activists" and football coaches meddling into the teacher's grading system.

 We've become lackeys of the administrations, grotesque miscreants in a well-orchestrated dog-and-pony show by principals and administrators, covering their collective behinds as they hoodwink entire communities with the usual smiles and accolades given to let everyone know all's well.

What's needed for our profession is a book Alinsky DID NOT WRITE: Rules for Radical American Patriotic Teachers.

We need to break the silence, adopt a radical, non-union stance in order to save our youth. That is, assuming we care!

Those teachers that are ready to "come out" for America, are urged to attend a one-of-kind seminar on January 21 in Los Angeles. We promise you an exciting, no-nonsense program for and by teachers in the field, leaders of America's youth, and politicians that are ready for less "hope and change," as we prepare for the America that will survive with faith and values intact.

 Place and time will be communicated pending your email confirming your participation. 

All participants will receive a free copy of Rabbi Shifren's incredible documentary of L.A.'s inner city schools, "Kill Your Teacher" (

Concerned parents are urged to come. Neighborhood councils, school boards, department chairmen and advocates for academic excellence are heartily welcome.

See you on the 21st!

Semper fi


Home Grown Terror
American Muslims Learn to Slit Throats--in N.Y.??!

Essay by Rabbi Shifren
December 17, 2009

Note: This article is based on a story from World Net Daily.  To read it click here.

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You gotta love these terrorists! They make a video for the world to see, and tell us that the majority of America are Muslims--WITHOUT A DOUBT!

But I ask my fellow Americans tonight to take a closer look at the video: you'll see something that I bet you skipped over. The leaders of the Muslim terrorists, bent on vanquishing America, are home-grown blacks. In fact, I could've sworn that Muhammad character was an ex-teacher buddy of mine, constantly griping to me about how the Whites must be made to pay....(for what? to whom?which Whites?)

I'm waiting for Rev. Al Sharpton to call these thugs and punks, "black interlopers!"

Looking closely at the leaders of the female Jihaddists, again, you'll see a black woman marching in front. These are not Blacks from Mogadishu or Somalia, brought in to "foment" the local brothers. Nor are they African nationalists, or radical separatists, here to stoke revolution.

No, I'll tell you who these miscreants are: THEY'RE MY FORMER STUDENTS!

Like a lone voice, crying out in the desert, I have put the uncomfortable and painful questions to my fellow teachers, both here locally in Los Angeles, and around the nation. The query is always the same: what do you think will happen when the Black "achievement gap", drop-out rates, incarceration rates, rate of out-of-wedlock babies, gang affiliation, reach critical mass? How long before those kids you "passed" with a "D" grade, letting them "walk" at graduation, will become a threat to the very fabric of this nation? How will all the ridiculous, desperate, half-baked measures such as "midnight basketball" and millions thrown at "multi-cultural ism" and self-esteem classes fend off a bitter youth, tired of the hegemony of White America, willing to make the ultimate statement against an impotent White educational system that instead of TEACHING, has offended for so long the senses of young Blacks with drivel and spew about "diversity" and "cultural sensitivity?"

And now, at this late hour, as I and many shocked teachers watch our former students take up arms and learn a different "curricula" designed to refine ways of separating us from our heads, now it is too late to say, OOPS, SORRY!

This is the greatest crime every committed against our country. Herein lies the basis for the total destruction of our society, at every level. The toxic elixir doled out by America's teachers, the racial pandering and condescension has been so thoroughly pervasive, it has created its own justification and bureaucracy, even if it will absolutely kill us! Not one teacher has the guts to say: White guilt is responsible for this new American holocaust about to be sprung from our TVs to our very laps.
What's more insidious is that White America cannot save itself, and thereby must plunge all of America into the abyss. We simply have no more teachers or administrators with the guts and patriotic fortitude to tell it like it is! THOSE THAT WERE ABLE TO SUCK IT UP AND, AND WITH THEIR CAREERS ON THE LINE, SAY IT LIKE IT IS, HAVE ALL BEEN FIRED! Let's assume I'm wrong, where are these "educrats" with the temerity to admit that our foundation of education has been a lie and a fraud, abetting the destruction of ours and Western culture? 
If your blood doesn't curdle after seeing the video of these Black Americans playing Jihad at one of the MANY Jihad training camps here in OUR HEARTLAND, then you are the problem and I am asking you to keep your mouth shut, and your opinions to yourself. EITHER LEAD, FOLLOW, OR GET THE HELL OUT OF THE WAY!
For those who truly do believe that we have nowhere to go, no leftist shangrilas "over there" to abscond to, no more "can you imagine" tunes to listen to, then there is a bitter pill that I am asking our fellow Americans--OF ALL COLORS AND CREEDS--to swallow, to get over it, to divest ourselves of our illusions about race and "diversity."
If we are to survive here in America, we must:
--train elite groups of educators that are non-white, superteachers and administrators, versed in Americana, steeped in patriotism, modern-day inner city heroes, afraid of nothing but the Creator of Heaven and Earth, to totally remake our schools into safe, academically rigorous centers of excellence and leadership
--fire and disband ALL teachers unions
--assign some version of ROTC to every school across the land (those of us veterans that have been thoroughly trained with weapons, are quite satiated and don't feel the need to blow away our fellow Americans for the sake of being "heavy on the trigger")
--require MANDATORY pledge of allegiance by all students and staff, FACING THE FLAG, STANDING AT ATTENTION
--instead of the usual bi-lingual bilge and hokus pokus announcements, require a two-minute reading from excerpts of our founding fathers, replete with patriotic and nationalistic arousing passages designed to let our students know, constantly, upon whose shoulders they stand. OUR STUDENTS SIMPLY HAVE NO CLUE ABOUT WHERE THEY ARE OR WHAT THEY'RE DOING! We have raised them in a socialistic incubator, where victimization is standard and the weaker or more effeminate, the better.
--require a crash course on physical fitness. I don't mean goofing off on the football field with Frisbees. Our students need to have rigorous and regular training. The fires of Hell that burn in these kids through the deluge of Rap and total titillation from sexual innuendo in our corrupted media, must be met head on through hard work and honest sweat.
--separate boys from girls. Period. When the school starts to become an excellent showcase about American values and altruism, then that can be modified.
--uniforms mandatory. When everyone is getting a 3.0 GPA, then we can talk about "doing your own thing."
--All staff must create a whole new image of professionalism. Suits and ties, dresses, are just the fare for those wayfaring youth without a vision of success. Since we're teaching excellence and professionalism, THEN WE MUST SET AN EXAMPLE.
--Nobody graduates unless they've done several hundred hours of community service. We created this "ME-FIRST MONSTER." Now we must rein it in.
For those students that cannot, or will not abide by the above, then there's "Tent City." After they've felonized or otherwise lost their privilege to live in society, they can remain in the desert, housed with simple army tents, surrounded by barbed wire. Since they didn't learn in school and showed their disdain for the taxpayers who have been nursing them along at a rate of $12,000/year, essentially ripping off the taxpayers, then they will be forced to accept real consequences for their decision to rape, pillage, burglarize, or otherwise jeopardize their fellow citizens. There, with enough food to stay alive, they'll be taught how to be a man or young lady, with skills to abet their re-introduction to society. If they become tired of the spartan conditions therein, then that will be their motivation to never return.
Sounds too draconian? Then you are the very liberal who brought this Hell of Jihad to our shores! 
Seems to "fantastic" to implement? Then you are the bureaucrat that, so indifferently, shrugged while a whole army of youth "got by" through failing and goofing off, all on the taxpayers' dime!
For twenty two years I have taught at "inner city" schools. Each time I attempted to raise the "academic bar", I was browbeaten by my colleagues of "color."
"Rabbi," they would condescendingly whine," this is an inner city school. You can't expect them to behave or perform at the level you're requiring of them. You have to tone it down, chill out a bit", was the mantra.
And now, behold, our own brand of "home-grown terror." Life is cyclical. Just like the 60's evolved from the Eisenhower years, so too will our country come to its senses with a battle plan to hold our youth accountable in carrying down the dream and vision of our founding fathers. We will either turn the corner on this absolute travesty in inculcating our young people, or we shall stop being America. The time is spent. The illusions of the past, the vapid and seditious present program offered by those socialist molders of false utopias, have come to a grinding halt with Jihad in our land. Just as they are convinced of their victory and subjugation of our land, so too must we gird our loins with the fire and revolutionary spirit so long ago buried in the musty and fictitious halls of academia.


Rabbi Nachum Shifren
Your Educational Candidate
Lecturer and Author, Candidate for California State Senate, District #26
"If we had 10 more teachers like Rabbi Shifren, we could turn around America tomorrow."....Rev Jesse Lee Petersen


America's Last War

Commentary by Rabbi Shifren
Dec 7, 2009


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Here is a Pearl Harbor story you WON'T hear: 

I am a teacher, as some of you might know, for 22 years now in the L.A.United School District. It was one particular Dec. 7, several years ago, that I received the biggest wake up call of my life, changing forever my relationship with America and giving me the understanding of her future battle, her Last War.

I had become sensitive by now, to small aberrations in our "multiculturalism" policies that even by L.A. standards, were off the charts. But today's announcements through the school P.A. system were amiss. The eight o'clock bell mentioned nothing about this profoundly important day in our nation's history. Business as usual. Nine o'clock rolled around, I thought surely that something would be mentioned. Nothing. Ten o'clock, nothing.Before the noon lunch break, I began to become agitated, and walked into the principal's office.

"Miss, I was wondering why you or the administration hadn't said anything about Pearl Harbor day," I started off, cautious optimism mixed with controlled outrage.

"I'm afraid that we won't be making such an announcement," she said matter-of-factly.

"And the reason?" I persisted, by now completely uninterested in professional protocols, like keeping my job.

"You don't seem to understand, Rabbi. We are a multicultural school district. We have many student here that are of Japanese ancestry. Such a show of overt patriotism might make them uncomfortable. Apparently, this delicate matter of cultural sensitivity on your part needs some attention."

I walked out wondering what world I was living in. But it gets better (or sadly, more tragic).

After lunch, there was a P.A. announcement. After the banal ding-dong, signaling the message, we heard the following:

"In order to show our patriotism and love for diversity and "multiculturalism", the L.A. High student council is proud to announce the Gay and Lesbian dance at noon in the cafeteria...."

The students didn't bat an eyelash. I stared at each of them, waiting to see if some one's demeanor would somehow be caught of guard and made sour by the hideous show of national perversity and lack of any sense of shame. No, these kids were not going to say anything. They didn't notice anything remiss, just another announcement.

 My friends, from that day on, I have been at war with multiculturalism and "diversity." I want you to know that we are losing that war. There is no teacher in American public schools today that can say that we haven't been compromised by a foreign culture, with its foot in our collective door, letting in concepts and teachings that will ultimately destroy this country.

 So when my dear friend, Pastor Jim Vineyard of Oklahoma City, warned me about the latest insanity in Kentucky, where "Merry Christmas" has suddenly become an "issue", I needed to write you. I felt compelled to tell you that the only way we can defeat this evil is to confront it head on! Act as though your home was under attack by haters and bigots, and prepare to fight America's LAST WAR. This is a war we will not win with bullets or Marines. That's why it will be so difficult, because the enemy is camouflaged in many deceptive guises. 

For many young people reading these words for the first time, it will come as a shock to you that you have never heard of the plan that our enemies have to destroy you. Your teachers have been complicit in hiding from you the very nature of the threat that hovers over the survivability of your dear ones and community. Your dumbed-down textbooks contain not one ounce of truth about the stealth and patience of those that stalk us, their absolute surety and hardened resolve to enslave us and transform the America we have known and love. Your very schools have been transformed into breeding camps, paving the way for the future shock troops of the alien culture that will supplant you.

This is right out of the books written by Marx, Lenin, and those who have threatened us for generations. Look it up for yourself! Your teachers will not help you. They are in bed with those that want to control your thoughts and energies, channeling them into the future utopia sung about and praised on so many college campuses during my youth in the 60's.

 Marxism 101: To destroy the fabric of a nation, like the United States, cannot be done through war. The US is too strong to defeat militarily. In order to render it pacified, one must destroy it from within, through its institutions and moral belief systems. Turning neighbor against neighbor, creating political and labor unrest, inciting race against race, and CAUSING THE PEOPLE TO START TO DOUBT THEIR RELIGIOUS BELIEFS, CAST ASPERSIONS UPON THEIR SPIRITUAL LEADERS AND DOCTRINES, CREATING SOCIETAL ANARCHY THROUGH A SYSTEM OF MORAL RELATIVITY, WHERE ALL SOCIETAL RELIGIOUS FOUNDATIONS COME UNDER QUESTION--these are at the root of our present moral decay.

 My dear friend, this is why saying "Merry Christmas" is now under attack! This is the first shot over the bow in a war, America's LAST WAR, that you will be forced to fight. Don't like the idea of fighting? Get used to it! You (we) have dawdled too long. The night is spent, the dawn is near, and America must wake up to the new slave masters that are at the door. Someone once said that freedom is only won through the shedding of blood from time to time. I think this is true. But we can avoid it from being OUR blood only if we act now.



--In San Diego, Calif., Muslim taxi drivers take up an entire street downtown with their prayer mats rolled out on the sidewalk. NO ONE DARE BOTHER THEM, THEY WALK AROUND THEM DURING PRAYER! Ask yourself: Would Christians blocking the path of shoppers and businesses be accorded the same niceties?

 --In Deerborn, Mich., the residents must suffer the blaring from the Muslim minarets FIVE TIMES A DAY, calling for prayer in Allah's name. HERE! NOW! IN AMERICA, NOT AFGHANISTAN!! Ask yourself: What would the AClU do if Christians were to affirm their prayer in such a brazen, incorrigible way?! You already know the answer.

 --Harvard university was forced to spend PUBLIC FUNDS FOR MUSLIM FOOT BATHS so practitioners of that "peaceful" religion would feel "inclusive" during their prayer.

Ask yourself the questions: If public funds were to provide Christians with beads, crosses, wafers, bibles--what would the local leftist politicians do?

--Many communities are under pressure in the U.S. to institute sharia law (where Muslims are only held accountable according to the Koran). In Britain, the head of the Anglican church has already sanctioned such a concept!! Yet, to teach about the Holocaust has been outlawed in such communities, lest rioting and social conflict occur.

Ask yourself: If Christians were to declare that they wanted to be judged according to biblical precepts, who would be the first to be called a racist bigot????

--Kansas City airport (last time we checked, it was city property, accountable to taxpayers) has purchased foot washing basins for Muslim prayer. As has the universities of Boston, Washington, and Temple. Ask yourself: What if Christian groups were to petition such a singular use of government funds, how fast would the first law suit come?

 --Carver Elementary School (San Diego, Ca.) has a district mandated 15-minute prayer period for Muslim kids. What? How, you'll ask? Isn't there a separation of church and state? Ah, of course, if you're a CHRISTIAN!

 You get the picture. Here's the difficult part. You work hard, raise your kids to believe in G-d, you pay your taxes, and pledge your support for America. To recoup from a blistering week, you relax on the weekend, go to church, be with your kids....another week has passed. What's missing from this picture? While you are either too busy to notice, or simply exhausted and have no energy, their are people out there who HATE YOU, 24-7, AND ARE WORKING AROUND THE CLOCK, QUIETLY, TO DESTROY YOUR WAY OF LIFE. Even more difficult, is that there is an increasing awareness among all of us, the our politicians ARE IN BED WITH THESE VERY GROUPS!!

Think about it!! How could any red-blooded American promote or enable sharia law? How could any of our neighbors stab us in the back like this? Answer: corruption combined with political correctness. We are reaping the bitter harvest of those insane Viet Nam years of dislocation and hammering away at America's values. Those 60's hippies are now on the boards of education and in our halls of Congress. The decay of our nation is not in some cave in Afghanistan, but right here in our communities and college campuses.

 I was driving around the neighborhood one day recently when I had to pull over to the curb to write something down. By chance, I happened to be right next to a religious school, and could audibly make out a song coming from the classroom whose open door faced the street. I was struck as if by a trance, my whole essence became frozen for one moment as I heard the children sing: "Oh beauful for spacious skies, for amber waves of grain. For purple mountains' majesty, above the fruited plane. America...America...G-d shed his grace on thee. And crown Thy good, with brotherhood, from sea to shining sea." I awoke from my trance, wiped away the tears, and knew the last time I heard that song was 50 years ago, as a lad in the 2nd grade!! We just don't hear such overt manifestations of patriotism in our schools. But we hear plenty about Gay rights, lots of Christian bashing and guilt trips laid on us by Muslim agitators and America haters. No limit to how we're destroying the world (never mind how our young soldiers are trying to save the world in some desolate hole where life isn't worth a plug nickel). We never get enough about how the Southwest U.S. is actually Mexico, and how the "reconquista" (the Hispanic re-conquering of America) will throw us back to Europe where we belong.

 No, this LAST WAR that we face shall start right here. RIGHT NOW. WITH YOU AND ME!! No more Mr. Nice Guy. There will be a massive call by your local religious leaders to stand up and be counted. DO IT! Turn off the TV, put down the beer, go off-line for a few minutes on behalf of the country that has given you your FREEDOM AND INDIVIDUAL LIBERTY. GO AND PROTEST THE TAKING AWAY OF THE ONLY REASON FOR THE GOODNESS AND MIRACLE OF THE COUNTRY, THE CREATOR OF HEAVEN AND EARTH!

Treat each example of "Happy Holidays" as a direct hit by haters of you and your family. Each time you hear this, boycott the station, whether radio or TV! Let them know who is the boss. How is it that Dr. Laura's TV debut was boycotted by ONE MILLION GAYS AND LESBIANS WHO THREATENED PALMOLIVE COMPANY. How is it that they succeeded in censoring one of the America's top personalities from expressing her constitutionally sanctioned right of free speech. Yet we are reconciled with politicians who bow to our enemies and are complicit in destroying the sanctity of Christmas? The answer: we let them do it.


My dear Americans, it's time to change the script. We must:

--insist, implore, advocate, and act to re-institute the teaching of the 10 commandments in our schools. 

--support candidates that oppose sharia law

--monitor books and curricula for anti-christian or anti-Western culture biases while downplaying communism, Islam, and the Gay/Lesbian lifestyle

--declare a war to the death on "multiculturalism" (this is nothing but propaganda and inculcating our youth to hate America, while yielding to the forces of Islam and radical activists whose target is middle class America and it's values)

--promote, honor, sanctify, and support marriage



There was once a dark moment in our history at Valley Forge. Under siege, General Washington was wont to pray on his knees in full sight of the troops. Let us contemplate his words so long ago:


"The honor and safety of our bleeding country, and every other motive that can influence the brave and heroic spirit, call loudly upon us to acquit ourselves with spirit. In short, we must now determine to be enslaved or free. If we make freedom our choice, we must obtain it by the blessings of Heaven on our united and vigorous efforts."



Semper Fi


By Rabbi Nachum Shifren

November 30, 2009

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It is difficult to write about Jewish traitors, but I have the obligation to do so. My life as an American and a Jew is rooted in one miracle: individual liberty and freedom of speech and conscience. We are living in dangerous times, times when men of good will are afraid to speak out. There are some things you cannot say in America today.

I will say them anyway.

For years, I have noticed something curious about religion in America, Israel, and elsewhere. When I go into an establishment to pray, I notice how thick the carpet is. The gold and silver on doors and paneling's. The "honorees" abounding with their plaques and pictures adorning walls and halls. I have prayed in many different shuls (synagogues) throughout the world, and I admit a proclivity toward those humbler, more "hamish" (homey) environs, with the simple wood benches and plain floors.

For me, it is in a place surrounded by holy books, next to the Torah, with those dust-coated windows, that I find solace with the Creator of Heaven and Earth. No games here, no power trips — and you are only as good as your cleaving and yearning to be a part of His world. I reckon there's lots of folks out there who feel the same, regardless of their beliefs.

Our history as a people has been divided, roughly, into two camps. 

There is one camp that stood at Mt. Sinai, witnessed great miracles, received an awesome legacy, and despite the most horrific of human travails — pogroms, inquisitions, crusades, and more — decided to hand down that legacy from generation to generation.

It is because of that meritorious Jewish tradition that I am here today and am able to write these words. 

There is a second camp — a more sinister group, that has done more damage to the Jews and caused more murder and destruction than all of Israel's enemies combined. To this troika belong Jews and non-Jews, and our Jewish heritage has been irrevocably altered by this movement.

This second camp is about control of human beings. It holds a vision of a One World Order, together with Marx, Trotsky, and Lenin — an evil that, to date, has claimed nearly two hundred million souls.

With these international bandits and mind-control wizards stands the ADL (Anti-Defamation League). Now, if anyone else would say this, that person would be labeled an anti-Semite. But as anyone that knows me will tell you, I am a Jew who strives always to do good, give to charity, and am diligent in study and prayer. Of my many shortcomings, anti-Semitism is not one of them.

There are things that for a Jew, there is no excuse. One aspect is the unrelenting war waged by radical Islam against the Jewish people (they say they're not anti-Semitic, just anti-Zionist).

But far worse are those who aid and abet this satanic force. For the leftist control-freaks of the ADL, there cannot be a Land of Israel! That would mean they'd be out of a job! They thirst on dissention and division — anything that will drive up their stock. Their support from the outset of a two-state solution means the destruction of the Jewish homeland.


No amount of agreements with terror and those who support it, will buy peace. The ADL, in a very real sense, is anathema to the survival of the Jewish people. Moreover, they never cared about the survival of the Jewish People!

The ADL’s agenda is simple: anything that will increase their power and control is good. Anti-Semites could never have destroyed the Jewish people. Only Jews can destroy the Jewish People.

The entire world, including Christians of all faiths, knows and understands that there is only one people in the world that was given the Land of Israel as an eternal inheritance: the Jews. The only people in the world who rebel against this eternal truth is the ADL and their communist comrades and enablers. Why?

In order for there to be a ONE WORLD ORDER, man's spirit and soul must be brought low, be subjugated to the level of the beasts. This was the communist credo, to claim that we are no better than animals that must be controlled. G-d must be destroyed, faith debauched, and religion — ALL RELIGION — extinguished.

In this camp we find the ADL. Let's be clear: The ADL has nothing to do with Judaism, Jews, or Jewish Survival. It is a collection of communists, anarchists, Jewish 60's drop-outs, bitter about their nothing status and eager to spread their venom about a socialist paradise at which they believe only they can succeed. (The earlier Bolsheviks and Trotskyite's, they assure us, just didn't get it right.!)

It's more than interesting how Obama has surrounded himself with these same radical leftist rejects from the 60's. Interesting also, is how the ADL and the present administration are working hand in glove to make us safer with insane, counter-productive “Hate Crime” legislation.

 Now, the ADL is on the warpath again, this time advocating for a federal data bank to be housed (with them?) in Washington, where each American can be monitored and pursued, for ever having said anything "hateful."

And what is the definition of "hateful," you ask? Simple, whatever the ADL dictates. And how, you'll ask can that possibly happen here in the land of the Free, the home of the Brave? Again, simple: just play the anti-Semitic race card, and you will have people tripping all over themselves to acquiesce to your every whim. The facts are:

not one Christian today in America dare read the Bible, with it’s exhortation against bestiality and homosexuality without looking over their collective shoulders to see if the ADL is monitoring.

So why would the ADL, an organization supposedly founded for the purpose of helping Jews in peril, be spending their capital railing and ranting about Christians and what they do in the privacy of their churches. Interesting, how the ADL could care less about groups like ACORN, ISLAMIC JIAHAD, HAMMAS, CAIR — could it be because they're people of "color?" Or maybe it's because they are necessary in their scheme of ONE WORLD ORDER, neutralizing the fabric of America, getting it ripe for a takeover in which the ADL can take part.

Why is the ADL, supposedly the "sentinel" of the Jewish people so disposed to the rights and whims of radical gay and lesbian groups? Is this the pervue of the ADL? The answer lies in one simple concept: power and control. What the Soviets could not do in Russia, the ADL will attempt to do to America.


Witness the ADL at work:


1- advocating federal statutes and punishment for just "saying" something negative about Gays, essentially making every Christian a law-breaker in America today.

2- storing thousands of files on suspected "haters," including names, addresses, and phone numbers to be shared with both local and federal police whenever these "haters" get out of hand by saying what they believe.

3- advocating massive censorship where media and films must pass a litmus test before being called "kosher" 

4- proposing legislation for simply expressing "seed ideas" (Biblical in origin), concepts or utterances that “stimulate” or “cause friction” against targeted groups.

5- lobbying Canada to pass hate crime legislation: $5,000 misdemeanor, serving up to 2 years in prison.

6- working 24/7 for their new "messianic" legislation: HR 262, the “Hate Crimes Bill,” where the ADL will be positioned to establish a massive, pervasive and fascist bureaucracy that will monitor every single American and impose in this country Nazi Germany-style control — the ultimate vision of the leftist ADL.

The far-reaching consequences are: no church director will ever be able to utter the word of G-d! Is this not the communist “utopia” coming to fruition? Massive mind control about bias is even now, being established in education — inculcating our youth from kindergarten through college about politically correct speech. Churches that do not hire homosexuals will be closed down. Preachers will be jailed. Here in California, our insane legislature just passed such a bill, a bill that will fire faculty or expel students that make a slip of the tongue.

Isn't it amazing? We're not allowed to have the Ten Commandments in our schools. No "minute of prayer" allowed. No mention of G-d allowed. But plenty of mind control about how the White Christians have destroyed the earth and must be neutralized. The Day of the multiculturalists is here, aided and abetted by the ADL, using "hate speech" as the Trojan horse that will destroy our once-great America.

I find a certain peace in getting back to that earlier mention of the plain synagogue, permeated with an aura of stark truth and humility, the sometimes shaky rafters and squeaky doors giving testimony to a simplicity lending itself to truth and the eternal peace.

How this contrasts with the monstrous and ostentatious ADL building in New York! A skyscraper pointing to heaven, symbolically raising its accusing finger at the Master of the Universe. No, the tons of glass and concrete here cannot mask a horrifying lie and evil intent for this country.

I find myself having crossed the political Rubicon. As a conservative, passionate advocate of America's freedom for individual liberties and speech, I have become a pariah in the Jewish community. Who knows, maybe the ADL is monitoring this very message?! But one thing is clear: I stand on the shoulders of many great Americans who have given their lives for this great land. I will not shirk from my responsibility as an American, as a beneficiary of this grand and blessed legacy. I hope that my urgent words are heeded and that people will wake up about those alien forces threatening our very lives.


To all my friends throughout America: G-d bless you, and G-d bless America


Your Child Hard at Work in Social Studies--at a Scavenger Hunt?

By Rabbi Shifren

October 21, 2009

Funny how the educrats lull you into thinking that your child is "learning state standards." The kids are bored with learning. They're turned off on learning. They don't want to learn. So Helen Bernstein High School's plan to keep them titillated: it's called "out of the box events," new Orwellian strategies designed to keep our students from rioting, distracting them long enough until the 3 o'clock bell sounds.

If you want to know for whom that bell tolls, it is for the stressed-out,, over-taxed middle class, too busy slaving away to provide for their families, sacrificing everything to stay one step of a nation hell-bent on oblivion. The day is over, the night is long spent on a dysfunctional state-run educational system, having drugged our students with a steady fare of pabulum that our jaded sense of hubris calls "state standards."

A "scavenger hunt" at Madame Tussauds of Hollywood is our last feeble solution for dealing with a 50% drop out rate, less than 20% doing grade-level work in social studies. Recently, the National Report Card announced that California did worse in a nation-wide math test than every state with the exception of Alabama and Mississippi. The good news: our state educrats tell us that results have "improved" over the years. Diddling around issues of basic academic skills (reading, math, composition) will simply put off the explosion of a youth that is seething in resentment for what we've turned them into: full-fledged victims, without job skills, highly-trained in blaming others (mainly the white middle class) for their lot. If your wish is to pursue policies that will exacerbate racial and class antagonisms, then this institutional dumbing-down is your cup of tea.

No, we can't have any talk about our constitution, Madison, or Hamilton in our "out of the box" bilge,now, can we? That would smack of actual "work," really understanding the nature of our republic and its uniqueness. Those advocates of individual freedoms, wary of a big central government would not even find the correct box to fit into at Bernstein High. So since true learning at Bernstein is passe, what is left for this generation of students that could doubtfully tell you one unique facet about being an American? Why, the destruction of America, of course. Dear friend and mentor, George Putnam, stated that a nation that cannot control its youth is a nation that won't survive.

Remiss in imparting vital skills enhancing critical and analytical thinking, we as teachers have abandoned our charges in the midst of the battle for a major share of the world economy. Reason, depth, vision, leadership, stamina to remain intellectually engaged--these are the basic training skills that must be acquired in our classrooms. When we as teachers, out of design fail in the above, we plant the seeds of alienation and strife. We are guilty in the present emergence of another America, a sinister fifth column arising from our pathetic, insipid classrooms, where "it took a village" to tear from them their independent thinking and academic will to learn and excel, simply for the sake of learning.

Our nation cannot sustain the farce of such attempts to placate a youth reconciled with just getting by. This is the lesson to be learned at Madame Tussauds.

Al Sharpton: Pointing the Finger at Teen Violence (L.A. Sentinel 10/8)

By Rabbi Shifren

 October 14, 2009 

I am about to say what many are thinking, but can't or won't express: 

When's the last time you've talked to your teacher about what's REALLY going down in our schools? 

Those of us that teach at "inner city" schools can tell you that we are talking to the wall. When DO the parents speak to us? When there's a failure notice sent home. Or detention is issued. Or the student can't "walk" at graduation due to failures and unsatisfactory conduct. But on one back -to- school -night at Dorsey High, 5 parents showed up that were curious as to what their students are doing--5 out of 120.

We are witness to unearthly swearing and demeaning of female students, openly and unabashedly. Fights, threats, and promises of payback are the order of the day. When riots occur between Black and Hispanic students, or other ethnic groups, administrations break out the band aids to cover up and obfuscate, lest someone get that there's a serious problem with discipline and race relations.

It's "multi-culturalism" uber alles--for everybody except those students who are simply in school to learn, excel, and launch a serious career through completion of assignments, showing diligence and responsibility.

If you are not a teacher of "color" and you issue evaluations based on achievement, more often than not, you're behind the eight-ball by some administrator who is more worried about upward mobility than if the kids are actually learning. It is easy to play the race card, so easy in fact, that many a parent-teacher conference becomes ineffective and consequences cannot be meted out. Rare is the teacher that will confront parent, principal, and community to justify an evaluation. Especially for those of us that don't have the "color" act wired.

Where did all this begin, the nonsense that passes as "education" in our inner city schools? Who told our kids that they don't have to be on their best behavior, foreswearing foul language, threats of violence, demeaning and filthy remarks to girls, and that lousy grades are of no consequence, since the teachers are obviously prejudiced?

It may not have begun with Al Sharpton, but it sure was promulgated through his insidious efforts to create a highly charged atmosphere of racial tension and class envy. He bemoans a breakdown of the family structure, yet says nothing about the scandalous rate of teen pregnancies debilitating some communities. He rails at the "lack of opportunity and proper education that sooner or later results in violence," yet he is on the frontline in pointing the racist-finger at those who uphold standards and decency in the home and at school. When he laments that the "horrific cycle of violence must be shattered", where were these thoughts as he became judge and jury of the white lacross players in Raleigh, N.C.? When he remonstrates us, saying "the first place a child learns behavior is from the parents," what was his message to Tawana Brawley, when she, with Al's aiding and abetting, accused whites of raping her, knowing it was a lie, having destroyed the careers of innocent men without so much as an analogy. While rushing to manipulate press releases about injustice against the "downtrodden", where was his selective outrage when he accused "white interlopers" (codeword for Jews) of raping and ravaging Black communities. Where was his anguish when his ideological comrade, Jackson, mentioned the "Hymie town" remark? Could a White have gotten away with such course racism? No Al, your pathetic excuse that "poorly funded and inadequately staffed schools" are the cause of the "rise in aggression so prevalent around the country", falls on deaf ears. Honor student Darrion Albert wasn't murdered because of a lack of chalk and pencil erasers. It is a culture of violence, of the cheapening of lives and a banality of spirit, of pitting one American against the other, exacerbated by you and your minions.

No, Al, let me set you straight. I and my generation want nothing to do with racism. Each of us, growing up in the 60's, were indelibly scarred by the racism and prejudice of our forbearers during the Civil Rights legacy. If anything, we were hyper-sensitive toward any manifestation of bigotry, to the point where we would excuse the most vile eruptions of reverse racism, giving it a pass over and over again.

Anything, just to not be accused of "cultural insensitivity" ( the modern nightmare of so many teachers).

Truth be told Al, for myself and many Americans, the first time we saw actual racism on parade was by your seditious finger pointing, arousing in many a loathing and abhorrence for your feeble attempts to capture the headlines, creating issues from thin air, issues meant, through jingoistic boorishness, to stir up trouble and keep us in a perpetual racial quagmire.

And your solution? Why of course, more funding! Just pour in the money, and everything will be OK. Where were you in the poorest of slums, shanties, and sweat shops of the immigrants from Europe?

Why did you not visit these, in your words, "disenfranchised neighborhoods", festering with TB, cholera, dissentary, and a host of nightmarish plagues that are no longer an issue in America's poorest communities. Why? Because there's no agendas to reap here. Besides, people were too busy surviving to complain and cause mayhem. And who will, in your words, "curb the...utter disregard for human life so pervasive in our community." Why, the government, of course. You will be there to make sure it happens, to be a stakeholder in any government programs that need to be "administered." How much shall your solution cost? For how long? To what end? We don't know. But we know one thing: unless Al Sharpton gets his way, societal foment will not be far away.

You are one scurrilous American, Al.

Sick of "Diversity?" Try Excellence!Share

By Rabbi Shifren

October 11, 2009


What do you really need from your hotel? Well, you're probably paying a lot of money, so you want service. Hot water would be great, some clean towels, attentive workers that are efficient and make your stay comfortable. You want someone that speaks English, can communicate effectively and expeditiously attends to your requests.

If you're normal, you could care less about the skin color of room service. You expect good service, not "diversity" training. But that's just the recent SHAKEDOWN happening in LA's hotel industry (LA Sentinel, 10-8).

One disgruntled applicant for a hotel job said, "the lack of diversity is noticeable." So what's the solution? Of course, in classic "Rainbow Coalition" style, the "community" puts the hotel industry on notice that this lack of racial "diversity" will not be tolerated. The "activists", clergy, and of course the all-too-happy unions are outraged that hotels are hiring the best staff qualified for the job.

The boot camps are a shot over the bow of the hotels heralding a change in the wind. To avoid riffraffs lawyering up, the hotels will no doubt cave in, hiring those with deficient skills who normally wouldn't be considered.

According to Rev. Logan, pastor of a local church, hiring people who pass this "diversity" boot camp for the hotel industry, will diminish the amount of homicides and "maladies" that plague the community.

Huh? So do we infer that the good pastor means that not hiring a specific race of people will increase murders in the community, even if those hired means taking on people that might not be qualified?

You be the judge.

ATTENTION LA TAXPAYERS: We teachers have been crying in the desert for years about the lowering of standards, the political games played with social promotion, and the miserable job of our failing schools to raise the bar to excellence,reconciled with only the "passing" throngs going nowhere without academic discipline and skills. When we've insisted on homework being done properly, with academic skills demonstrated visibly, we're told that we're not "sensitive to the child's diversity, his cultural milieu," ad nauseam.

So here we are: a generation of youths that need a job"boot camp", employment by shakedown. Is this what we want? Wouldn't it have been much better to simply come right out with a Marshall Plan for the inncercity schools based on only three things: reading, writing, and computation.

Whoa unto us and our community that we have to stand for this nonsense. If there is one parent of a student that is not disgusted with this, let him speak now!

Fast Food Bigotry--L.A. Style

By Rabbi Shifren

October 6, 2009

A.Times (10-6) reports that the racists of the LA City Council have banned fast food chains in South Central LA! I want every Black friend of mine to write these idiots telling them about the inferred and overt racism at play here. Black people can't figure out what to eat? Apparently so, proving the the liberal cabal downtown is not only bigoted and sick, but they have no problem with our city going broke, the gangs wreaking havoc, hospitals and schools imploding, and illegal aliens burning up our limited resources. Time for a serious dose of hope and change.

A Letter To The Superintendent

By Rabbi Shifren

September 3, 2009


Mr. George McKenna
Superintendent, Local District 7
Los Angeles Unified School District

Re: L.A. Sentinel, 9/3/09 

Dear Superintendent McKenna

You have listed in the mentioned article your concept of academic success, improving the "academic, social, behavioral outcomes of Black and Latino students particularly those of lower socio-economics conditions."

 As a veteran innercity teacher in your District, I see words of administrators such as yourselves as a code, a hidden subtext of your intent and your philosophy. So when I read carefully what you've stated upon receiving you new post, I sought out a language of action and improvisation, something new that has not been implemented among the failed schemes and administrative rhetoric so abhorred by teachers in the field.

As you know, a large part of the Black achievement gap has to do with the tremendous waste of resources in educating illegal aliens, the vast majority of whom are Hispanic. There are an estimated 25% students in the District that are here illegally, who have chronically lagged behind as "English learners", who have overburdened our District that is already in a crisis mode in providing services to our students. Sir, an objective observer would note: if there are so many Black students that are not doing grade-level work, that urgently need counseling, job-training, tutoring, after-school programs, intervention from local police and community outreach programs--why would you not have as a highest priority the restructuring of the District to match the priorities and critical needs of its citizens? Assuming the accuracy of all data in the District, would you not be remiss in not addressing this urgent issue that if not corrected, threatens the very survival and viability of the Black student? Sir, would it be an over-exaggeration to say that political correctness and lack of urgency on your part would be the gravest threat to the Black students in your District?

As a teacher, I have shared the anguish of African American parents during those horrific parent-teacher conferences when I needed to justify non-passing grades. I have seen the mountains of waste in the district where bi-legalism and resources were allotted to students who are not stakeholders in our language and culture and have no interest in building our nation other than to tax our already limited manpower and curricula. I have shared the desperate moments of students who, due to no fault of their own, lived in broken, dysfunctional homes, students that needed that little extra to survive another day of academic rigor, only to see them fall through the cracks due to "budget shortfalls."

As someone who wishes to build a stronger America, empower our students with a sense of academic purpose and civic awareness in our communities, I have found it criminal that this issue continues to fester.

Our Black students know something is up, and it's not good. They know they must compete for jobs and services with a foreign onslaught that is being enabled by a cadre of "bi-lingualists", justifying the never-ending upward spiral of resources they need to provide for their minions. The tragedy is not what they're doing. From their standpoint, they see a corrupted administration willing to bend over backwards to their every whim, SO THEY'RE SIMPLY COMPLYING WITH THE GIVE-AWAY PROGRAM. The real tragedy is that we have a never-ending string of administrators, like yourself, that WILL NEVER TELL OUR COMMUNITY THE TRUTH about the Black achievement gap and one of its major causes.

Furthermore, there is a deafening silence by you and your colleagues about the overt racism faced by Black students by the hands of illegal aliens who see this as MEXICO, and the Blacks as somehow either inferior to them or as a challenge in draining our cities and states of available resources and housing. While teaching at Dorsey High, we had race riots that were simply swept under the rug by the BLACK administration; apparently thinking that kow-towing to Hispanic activists would smooth things over.

It's interesting that whenever teachers or concerned citizens wish to present these issues, they're branded as xenophobes, nativists, exclusionists, and of course that favorite race card- racists.

According to the National Youth Gang Survey (published by the Department of Justice), half of all gang members were Hispanic. Using simple math, we know that there is a sizeable number of gangbangers that should not be allowed into this country. Yet, the halls of the dean's and counselor's offices in any school are jammed, leaving frustrated administrators with little to do other than act as a revolving door since the problem is not taken seriously.

Sir, if it is your desire to continue on a business-as-usual path, you will be contributing to the demographic, social, and cultural consequences of RECONQUISTA (the re-conquest of the Southwest by Mexico) that unfortunately is already well underway. In so doing, your hand will be in the malaise faced by our academically disadvantaged Black students so desperately in need of guidance and support.

Your District already has acknowledged, if unofficially, La Raza and its activists within our communities. Might I remind you of their vision of our community and how this is in contravention to the agenda of Black students. La Raza (Front Page Magazine, April, 2007)

--views the US as an irredeemably racist nation

--advocates illegal aliens going to college at the in-state tuition rate

This last claim will directly impact low-income Black families, yet neither you nor your colleagues ever address this outrage. Compounding the daunting challenges faced by innercity teachers is the fact that in Mexico, a child is legally required to attend school up to the eighth grade. In part, this is why 32 percent of all illegal aliens and 15 percent of legal immigrants have not completed ninth grade. Only 2 percent of natives of the US have not (Center for Immigration Studies, 2007). What can the teacher do against this rising flood of dislocation when these students find themselves in high school? How can we ask our young teachers, barely out of college, to deal with a foreign invasion by students with intractable issues regarding language, culture, academic preparedness? When the Black student sees the bureaucrats fawning over these illegals, when he sees himself falling behind, not getting up to speed in reading and math, when he sees a blind eye turned toward him due to a foreign agenda eating away at the cohesiveness and justice of our public institutions, then he has the right to call this for what it is: racism that is institutionalized by a school district that is out of control.

It was none other than Caesar Chavez who in the 60's vehemently protested the illegal alien incursion into our agricultural areas, and even reported them to the INS. In 1969, Ralph Abernathy and Chavez led a march along the border of Mexico protesting the hiring of illegal aliens. Why can't LAUSD do the same?

More insidious is the effect these criminal attitudes and actions on the part of the District have on the mind-set of our Black students. They see themselves getting ripped off overtly without the slightest whimper in the Black community. Dwindling opportunities pass them by, while the flood of, and acquiescence of, the illegal presence in our schools, with their negative impact on academia, is noted and registered as a racist jab at the BLACK STUDENT. Resentments simmer, grievances remain unanswered, and a feeling of impotence gives way often to violence and social unrest.

What is amazing to so many of us teachers is the utter silence and complicity of our Black colleagues who see what is going on in the field, understand the grave consequences, and do nothing.  Never before has there been so much treasure whittled away in our schools, where our Black American citizens have seen opportunities slip by through bureaucratic bungling. This nation cannot survive, nor can our schools begin to get a grip of the present crisis, until we address the reason for citizenship and participation in our republic.

In his 1796 Farewell Address to the nation, President Washington explained it this way:

"Citizens, either by birth or choice, of a common country, that country has the right to concentrate your affections. The name of American, which belongs to you, in your national capacity, must always exalt the just pride of Patriotism, more than any appellation derived from local discriminations."



Rabbi Shifren,  Teacher

Employee #; XXXXXX



August 18, 2009  PRINT

The Compton Bulletin, 8/19/09

Comments By Rabbi Shifren

Ever been to prison? Most people reading this will have no clue about life in our state and local prisons.

The members of the US Supreme Court have certainly never been in prison, otherwise they'd realize how naive they are in "ordering" desegregation. Hello? The whole POINT is to segregate these guys!

They don't want to be inter-mixed, least of all the Hispanic gang members who KNOW without a shadow of a doubt that the GRINGOS that put them behind bars, will themselves be subservient to the whims of the Latino majority that considers southwest United States as part of Mexico. It is THEY that will one day be calling the shots (so they will tell you). For the record: American taxpayers are subsidizing the 25% of illegal alien gangbangers languishing in our jails, getting 3 squares a day plus basketball and MTV. These are criminals, non-Americans, that have raped, robbed, and victimized our communities, often the Black communities.

With this in mind, considering also the ethno-cleansing attitude of these racists toward Blacks and their contentious attitude in competing with them for services, schools, hospitals, housing, Title 8, Title 9, etc., we can get a better picture of the G.P. (general population in prison) and what's behind the headlines.

This is not "Brown vs. Board of Education" here. This is a battle between two peoples, one American, the other aliens, where US citizens are trying to claim their just dues. And the outcome of this conflict will determine the very nature of our society.


May 21, 2009  PRINT

A Message for Memorial Day
By Rabbi Nachum Shifren

This Memorial Day we give thanks to those on whose shoulders we stand, and for those who paid the ultimate price for our freedoms.

Let me be frank and send a message you may not have heard: The youth in the schools in which I teach cannot carry the torch of freedom. They've been dumbed down, had every last vestige of patriotism put into question by a radical cabal of union leaders, in cahoots with our enemies, in tearing down everything this country stands for. The good news: there is one American that has the courage to tell it like it is to our youth, to galvanize their energy into what the Forefathers sought for us all.

Last Tuesday' elections were only the first chapter of a resurging movement of citizens in District 26 who will regain their communities, and country, back from those who wish to bankrupt us both materially as well as spiritually.

How fitting, then, that I announce my candidacy for State Senate of California in 2010, with the image of Ole Glory waving proud and free, representing the commitment of each of our friends and co-workers to realize the ultimate victory of individual and fiscal freedom for our state.

I salute every single veteran on this awesome day, pay tribute to the dream and struggle that you waged, and pledge that on my watch, we shall regain the greatness of the California that I knew as a youth.

May G-d bless our troops, may G-d bless America

April 8, 2009  PRINT

A New Spin On Passover

Dear Friends,

Know that the pinch you're feeling, that gut-wrenching "I've-been-suckerpunched" sensation that you have with the out-of-control spenders in Sacramento, is basically a reenactment of the suffering of our Forefathers through Pharaoh and the Egyptians over 2000 years ago!

Yes, that's right. Here's a Bible story they won't tell you: 

Pharaoh needed to subjugate the Hebrews, enslave them, and keep them in bondage, since he was afraid that they may one day become an ally with his enemies. But, how to accomplish this with a free people initially? A look at the word "pesach" (passover, in Hebrew), gives us a clue. "Pe", meaning, mouth; "Sach" meaning talk. It was simply a matter of "speaking" with the Hebrews, a daily, unending list of "honeydos" (go get this, do that, could you please help me with this), being nickel-and-dimed with one limitation of freedom after another. Until ultimately, they were used to being completely subservient and incapable of controlling their own lives.

Does this sound familiar? We are besieged by a government of "for the government, of the government, and by the government."

Here's a funny story you might like: I was once upon a time, several soul transmigrations ago, a Sierra Club member. I quit when they finally wigged out, looking for the last thing they could shackle the taxpayer with: NO SMOKING AT THE BEACH! I figured if you can't smoke a  cigar at the beach, then what's a good American to do?

So it is in the new bondage of our times. The Democrats are not content to destroy California's business climate, it's educational system, our criminal justice system, NO, they want us to be in complete servitude, where the brunt of their taxes and misspending is felt at every turn.

And after we become numb to their taxes and ever increasing fiscal burdens being foisted on us, then they can mold us into socialist robots, without any feeling whatsoever for freedom of the individual and entrepreneurial spirit. This is being accomplished as these words are being written in our schools on a daily basis. The "multiculturalism" will be the nail in the coffin of any affinity for patriotism and exclusivity among our youth, so that when the government tells them to jump, they'll simply ask, "how high?"

My candidacy is, essentially, about how we can remain free as Californians. What we can do to insure that our youth will be free-thinking, altruistic, and SECURE in their neighborhoods.

Tonight, as we celebrate the holiday of freedom across this great country, we must amend the traditional "FOUR QUESTIONS"  asked by each first- born boy.

How do you think we can reverse the rout of businesses from our state, attract new business, and protect the small businesses?

How do you think we can stop the cultural takeover of our state, the transformation of California to ATZLAN?

How can we stop the virtual army of gang bangers (many of whom are illegal aliens) from destroying our communities?

And lastly, How can we reverse the "incarceration industry" where more is being spent on inmates than our young people in need of a top-rate education?

I am turning to you, clear-thinking Californians, to pause and realize that we are a crossroads. Your vote on May 19 will decide which direction our once great state will turn.

I need your vote and support. 

Blessings to you and yours for a Happy Passover and a joyous Easter. 

December 31, 2008   PRINT

The Budget Crisis Facing the LAUSD is a Red Herring

(A response to the Los Angeles Daily News article: LAUSD's $400 million crisis)

There are some things that people refuse to speak, even if they are true. We live in a culture that is so ingrained with "cultural sensitivities" that some issues may not, cannot, be discussed for fear of crossing the lines of comfortable discourse. So it is with the LAUSD.

When the howling and yelping by the District and teachers' unions is decoded, the following translation will show:

1) The District will never tell the REAL truth of the budget paralysis: 25% of the students are illegal aliens, non-English speakers. These students are the basis of the "50,000,000" lunches and breakfasts served by the District. They are using precious resources that could be used by American students w ho are ALREADY AT RISK of failure and dropping out of school.

2) The article by the Daily News proves that the "arts" are being taught on the back of basic education courses (history). Why? Is this the "kumbaya" melody that everyone so jokingly hums in the District? The kids have been so impacted by dumbed-down academics that elective courses have supplanted core academics. This, at a time when only 25% of our students can pass a basic Calif. High School Exit Exam!

Where is the oversight here, and how has this scam been allowed to keep ripping off the taxpayers?

3) Cafeteria workers? Who said that the District's recent $200,000,000 contract, including benefits, health care, retirement FOR PART-TIME CAFETERIA WORKERS was to be implimented on the backs of the education of our children? To anyone other than the deaf and dumb, the District is acting as a welfare system (and a lousy one at that), without concern for the swollen, deficit-riddled budget that instead should be designed to put our students in competitive status for critical thinking and technological know-how. Visit any campus breakfast program, and you'll be challenged to find how the tripe that is served can translate to wholesome, vitamin-rich, low salt, low calorie nutrition. If you wanted to stop teenage obeisity and sluggish brain capacity, the cafeteria would be a great place to declare a moratorium.

How's this for a way to save teacher jobs and vital academic resources: MAKE YOUR OWN DAMN LUNCH. TRY BEING RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR OWN CHILD! I know of no responsible parent that would trust the fare offered by those super nutrition experts at LAUSD. If your contention is that the families have no money for lunch, then we need to find another country that will agree to feed those illegals mentioned.

4)  LAUSD has wasted over $400,000,000 on the Belmont learning center. Another $300,000,000 has been scandalously twiddled away on another school. We just couldn't do without that albatross of a pet Latino project located over a methane gas field.  Note: those responsible are still on the job, not missing a paycheck, and will certainly collect fat pensions. We can't have any vigilantes seeking to have these criminals fired now, can we? That might be interpreted as "culturally insensitive."

5)  Board member Marguerite Lamotte was instrumental in putting the kabash on former Mayor Richard Riordan's offer to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars, maybe more, for a Marshall Plan in raising academic achievement at drop-out plagued Dorsey High. Statewide, Dorsey is ranked as one of the lowest achieving schools. Why would anyone refuse help, in light of the horrific financial reality we face with the present budget deficit? Answer: more criminal negligence on the part of the Board, with not a little racism mixed in. Not a peep from the rest of the Board, nor from the Mayor. All's well in La La land, and the hell with the children who are criminally promoted without survival skills, onward to our already bulging State Prisons.

6) The Daily News article omits much of the budget nightmare, and just like everyone else in this city, seeks to placate a seething cauldron of social dysfunction. A serious and immediate audit will find untold millions of dollars wasted on "campus security." It is a known fact that the District is pandering to Black and Hispanic gangs, and will do anything humanly possible  to retain them, despite the cost and loss of untold thousands of hours of wasted class time due to discipline issues. Students that want to study MUST LEAVE THE DISTRICT SO THEY ARE NOT HARRASSED OR DISADVANTAGED BY BULLIES OR GANGBANGERS. In the poorest of inner city schools, the responsible students are made to feel GUILTY for their diligence and desire to excel, putting them often times at risk.

The facts on the ground (in the hood) are, that the gangs are running the show! Bloods vs. Crips, Crips vs. Los Nortenos, MS13 vs Crips, 18th St. Gang vs. MS13, ad nauseum. Counselors must check a list of "gangs on campus" before they transfer a hoodlum out of a school to another (this is what they call an "opportunity transfer"). Serious offenders and predators are allowed to ravage and rampage at will. No consequences, no intervention with any accountability, just "chill" and let bygones be bygones. Meanwhile, the taxpayers must bear an increasing NON-ACADEMIC burden of students, many of them in this country illegally, that have hamstrung our system, laughing at us all the while. These troublemakers feel no heat--indeed, they are socially promoted, they "walk the stage" for their diplomas, and we are all supposed to feel good about a non-education that costs us more than $12,000 per year, per student.

7) From the above we can conclude: we are probably wasting about 80% of the taxpayers' money on nonsense that passes for socially sensitized, feel-good stuff that resembles education.

We are failing our students, putting our city under siege with an army of students without skills, raising their level of frustration and expectation to the breaking point, and setting ourselves up for racial disharmony and backbiting. We have abandoned our once great schools to the misfits and academically disadvantaged. Just ask the UTLA membership where their children attend school: 60% of them send their children to private schools.

What is needed in LAUSD is not just some belt tightening: We need a revolution for the sake of our students, and the very survival of our city.

Rabbi Shifren
Candidate for State Senate, District #26

 "If we had 10 more teachers like Rabbi Shifren, we could turn America around tomorrow."     Rev. Jesse Lee Petersen

December 17, 2008   PRINT

Black Shame in Los Angeles
Thoughts about Supt. David Brewer

Letter to the Los Angeles Times

We are witnessing the deconstruction of our culture and educational institutions, primarily in our inner-city schools, but also throughout America. For decades, teachers have looked forward to their new careers with anticipation and a spirit of altruism: here is a chance to really do GOOD!

What has happened instead, in many cases, is disillusion and exasperation at a corrupted and racist system, fueled by a sordid sense of entitlement gone mad.

For years we as teachers have had to choke down "diversity" in place of standards; "multiculturalism" instead of understanding American institutions and its constitution. For many of us the unthinkable could not be articulated: Christian America is under attack. Aided and abetted by ideologues on the far left, we have been forced, through both federal and local mandates, into a suicidal mission to revamp and turn America on its head.  What we knew was good, is no longer. The "white man" brough evil to the world. America's vanquishing of the evil "isms" of the world has been revised and termed aggressive, "non progressive."

Then there's the individual nightmare each teacher must face when enforcing standards or upholding evaluations: the fingerpointing, the playing of the "race card" (...."he failed me cause I'm Black; he didn't pass me cause I'm Mexican"). For a long time now we have sown the seeds of apathy and dysfunction in our schools, a legacy of indifference in letting ALL our students know what is right is RIGHT, no matter what, regardless of the person's color.

Mr. Brewer, on your watch the riots at Jefferson High took place, where Blacks and Hispanics needed to be quarantined in different sectors of the school. Not a word from you. Jamiel Shaw, an outstanding scholar/athlete at LA High was gunned down by an illegal alien. Where were you when the administration refused to even acknowledge him in a moment of silence? Where have you been when gangs have turned the schools into war zones?

I'll tell you where you've been: sticking your head in the sand, pretending that there are no racial issues. Mr. Brewer, "...I know what it looks like," to use your words about racism: it's a lot of pandering to Hispanic and Black gangbangers. Your selective inaction is TRULY racism, since you believe that the racial frictions in the schools are best left to (the White man?) others to deal with. ".. .I know what it smells like:"  YOU were appointed to your post through racist maneuvering, ON LY BECAUSE YOU'RE BLACK. You know nothing about education (you even admitted as such), you have absolutely no leadership skills, and worst of all, YOU'VE BROUGHT SHAME UPON THE BLACK COMMUNITY. It was thought that your military background, and your being Black, would impact the gangs and low academic achievement. But as Danny Bakewell of the "Sentinel" so rightly observed, your type of appointment "has failed miserably."

Here is what we teachers observe in LAUSD: the racism is overt, in our faces. Promotions are political, often dependent upon race, rather than based strictly on experience and excellence. All the talent in the world will not empower one in this insidious climate of "diversity". So let the mantra ring forth: "Diversity Uber Alles!"

Many of us teachers would have been happy if you truly put Blacks over everybody else. We would have looked the other way if you insisted on a cessation of dumbing down the standards, blocking social promotion, reviving a more aggressive approach to language skills of composition and reading, showing really tough love to the gangbanging and threats/assaults on teachers and students, declaring war on the over 50% drop out rate plaguing our community.

We would have looked the other way if you actually had an agenda, some trace of predilection towrard boosting up a particular race of student. But your despicable performance belies any attempt on your part to show gains. If any progress was made on your watch, it is because you had no hand in it.

Mr. Brewer, your belated cries of racism fall on deaf ears--at least those of us that have awaited your departure with great anticipation. You could have fessed up to your shortcomings without playing the race card! How ironic that you lash out using words like "contentious, debilitating, and demoralizing." Well sir, the consequences of your two years of misdirection have caused just that to the thousands of unsophisticated students unaware of your ineptitude, taking your cue solely on your claim of anti-Black racism. Would it be that you could just simply leave, donating you tainted "buy-out" money to an inner-city sports program.

Your persona is nothing if not a setback for a genuine Black leadership, sick to death of playing the race card and defiant in putting academic excellence and visionary leadership first.


October 23, 2008   PRINT

Rabbi Shifren looks at why Dorsey High School officials rejected former Los Angeles Mayor Richard Riordan's offer to help the troubled inner-city school with financial and moral support.

Congratulations Mayor Riordan!

You've been inducted in the LAUSD Hall of the Abused. But you're lucky. You don't have to live with the nightmare that many inner-city teachers have as a daily reality.

You are faced to reconcile yourself with the awesome and frightening fact: some schools are part of a culture that is racist and anti-American. Let's look at what happened to your offer, giving your "heart and soul" to Dorsey High.

---your monumental offer of perhaps millions of dollars was rejected by Dorsey High.

---your "no-strings-attached" pledge was rejected by Dorsey High.

---your offer to not replace the staff while making improvements at Dorsey was rejected.

In other words, in a world of acute financial stress, where schools are throttled with shrinking budgets and increasingly dwindling resources--at a time when most schools would not rejoice at such an infusion of financial aid, mega-talent from well-known celebrities, and immeasurable increases in staff support--Dorsey says, "No thanks, keep your money!"

The question is: why?

Here is a school that has a 50% dropout rate and where only 16% of the students are reading at grade level. So the rebuff to Mayor Riordan is not due to an existing reality of academic excellence. No, it's simple really. No matter how you analyze the absurdity of Dorsey, it all comes down to race. Let's assume that Riordan were Magic Johnson or Bobby Bonds--would the assistance be rejected?

Dorsey pays lip service to "diversity", "multiculturalism!"  Is Riordan's ethnic background so detestable as to have him marginalized in the African American community? Is this the legacy of Martin Luther King's  admonition about prejudice toward different skin color?

My former colleague, Noah Lippe Klein, was quoted in the "Times" article as saying that Dorsey rejects those outsiders meddling into their affairs. I recall sharing my shock and hurt with Mr. Klein after my classroom was burnt to the ground by Dorsey students, after receiving several death threats. His total indifference to one of the most outrageous instances of racism directed at a teacher speaks volumes about just how much racial tolerance the culture at Dorsey can process...

So where are the embattled parents, climbing the barricades in protest, laying down the gauntlet in this latest District flap designed to keep kids dumbed down and mired in the self-imposed Dorsey "hood?" Where are the voices (voice?) of reason in a community beset by gangs, dysfunctional families, and an army of students with self-esteem issues that the "Times" so often bemoans in reams of articles dripping with victimization?

Mayor Riordan, go figure.....


October 7, 2008.

No remembering the murdered by illegal gangbangers. Rabbi Shifren remembers Jamiel Shaw; the murdered LA High school athlete gunned down by an illegal alien gangbanger.

The news from LA High School's athletic director was like the proverbial nail-in-the-coffin for the Shaw family. There remained only one thing that could serve as a saving grace for the suffering and cruel indifference they have faced from LAUSD bureaucrats and LA City politicians.

Only a moment of silence, a moment to reflect on the tragic murder of their son, Jamiel, was all they asked. They were refused. The athletic director wanted them to "move on", noting that much time had already been used to express mourning and a time to stop had come.

There's a reason for this. But first, just imagine: You worked your entire life to bring your boy up right. Endless car-pooling, football practices, summer sports clinics, tutoring, enrichments--everything to prevent your son from being caught by the ever-present tentacles of violence and gangs of the hood.

It would be horrific enough that Jamiel was murdered in a brutal, indiscriminate manner. But that the illegal alien killer had been released by the Metro lock-up the day before, without LAPD or ICE scrutiny, speaks volumes for the racist, insane policies of this city. It tells us that a young Black child's life isn't worth a plug nickel--if the killer is a murderer from Mexico, here illegally, with rap sheet long enough to be scandalous, boasting about his intent to kill a Black.

"Rise" magazine, published by ESPN for high school youth sports (Sept. 08 issue), in covering the Shaw tragedy, no where mentions anything about the killer. "His death rocked the community," the reporter obfuscates, leading us to believe this is just some tragedy that has befallen another athlete at LA High (the third murder, by the way, in two years).

"If somebody like Jamiel's not safe, then no one's safe," the reporter drones on.  That's it? We're just unsafe? We're in Alice in Wonderland with Toto walking through a minefield of illegal alien gangs disguised as "violent individuals."

But back to LA High's refusal of allowing a moment of silence before the football game.  It's time to break the millionth moment of silence that LA's city fathers have imposed upon us, to declare war on those aiding and abetting the physical and cultural highjacking of our city. For Jamiel's murder couldn't have happened without there being collaboration behind the scenes by the Hispanic Mafia (and those that pander to them) that is bent, at any price, on transforming our city from an American concept to the bowels of a Third World reality.


Ocotber 1, 2008.

Rabbi Shifren comments on the recent investigation by the LA Daily News on LAUSD's uncontrolled growth of management positions.

The timely investigation of the Daily News into the top-heavy bureaucracy of LAUSD with a burgeoning army of fat-cat administrators ("assistants of deputy assistants") sheds more light on the total corruption of this institution than anyone of us could imagine.

But we've been down this path before. Each time the citizens get a peek of the graft, we're told there'll be "steps" taken to correct the fraud. Until the people get distracted through the little details of life, like making a living, navigating the clogged freeways, surviving the suffocating taxes, regulations, and dealing with the myriad of issues of dysfunctional communities such as gangs and drugs.

How do they actually get away with a 20% increase in 6-figure-salaried educrats over a period when there was a 6% drop in student attendance combined with a loss of several hundred teachers?

Answer: Like everything they do, it's always under the radar. Besides that, literally half of the people in the city don't comprehend English enough to know what's going on. Another forty percent know, and don't care, being too busy medicating themselves, or doping their minds on TV, MTV, or hip-hop madness. Then there's the last 10% that understand EXACTLY how the criminals of LAUSD are pillaging and dumbing down the system, and have rescued their kids through private schools or home schooling.

LAUSD is like the tumors in a cancer patient: the tumor is either removed or the patient dies. 

So who CAN benefit from such a corrupt system? Answer: illegal aliens, with the District using bi-lingualism as a smoke screen for their own incompetence to demand excellence and superior achievement. The free breakfast, lunch, title 8, title 9, title 10, ad nauseam is their way of creating the cultural revolution made famous by Art Torres' infamous shot over the American bow: "Prop 187 is the last gasp of breath of the White Europeans!"

Instead of Hamilton, Jefferson, and the ethos of the Founding Fathers, we're dished a toxic pabulum of multiculturalism with the extra credit classes on Aztec culture (the same people that cut the hearts out of their human sacrifices). Again, nobody cares, because only the delinquent remain for further brainwashing from the District.

This is the most silent, deadly revolution that has ever occurred in history. A cultural invasion and transformation, turning the once great USA into a wimp nation of victims and cross-dressers. We will one day tell our grandchildren, with bitter remorse, about the step-by-step, peaceful loss of liberty and our subsequent slavery--all aided and abetted by the LAUSD, with us paying for the whole thing.