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There they go again...


Eric L. Wattree Sr. offers up an essay of hate and racism...and the Rabbi responds....

The Republican Vision for America - Divide and Conquer 

Submitted by Wattree on Tue, 06/16/2009 - 11:11

The current situation in Iran is perfectly analogous to what's going on here in the United States. The vast majority of the people want a common-sense approach to domestic and world politics, while the old guard, stuck in the blind animosities of the past, are determined to promote and exploit those animosities for their own end, and at any cost - including the misery and death of their own people. In Iran the old guard is represented by Mahmoud Ahmadinejad; in the U.S., Dick Cheney and Rush Limbaugh. In Iran they are called jihadist, while in the U.S. we refer to them as the Republican Party.

Like the jihadist in the Middle East, Republican wing-nuts claim to be acting on a mission from God. Also like their counterparts in the Middle East, these GOP leaders believe that the end justifies the means, which leaves them free to lie, cheat, steal, torture, and kill innocent people. Their primary method of operation is to take a germ of truth, then infuse it with false conclusions and lies to poison and inflame the minds of the people to act against their own interest. Just like the jihadist, they specialize in using the people's own ignorance against them in order to divide and conquer.

But it seems that the people of both cultures have said enough is enough. Due to unprecedented corruption during the Republican administration, and the belief by many Americans that they'd been robbed of both the 2000 and 2004 elections, in the 2006 election the people voted Republicans out of office by the largest numbers in a generation. Then in a more graphic break with the past, in 2008 Barack Obama was voted into office as the first African American president of the United States. The people of Iran are currently in a struggle with their old guard as well. They too believe that a desperate and corrupt old guard has attempted to steal their vote.

It's still too early to determine the outcome of the struggle between the will of the people and the jihadists in Iran, since as we speak there's rioting in the street, and Iran's Guardian Council (the old guard) has agreed to recount the votes. But here in the United States, the Republican Party has embarked upon a scorched Earth policy, and a strategy of divide and conquer. Their primary goal seems to be to sabotage the nation's recovery by keeping the people divided. Thereafter, if they're successful, they intend to regain power by simply saying, we told you so. Thus, they've dedicated their existence to making America suffer for the next four years.

A Clear example of the Republican Party's method of operation can be seen in the activities of Rabbi Nachum Shifren. Rabbi Shifren has become a perennial Republican candidate for the 26th District of the California State Senate. I first came into contact with him when he began to contact many of us in the Black press with a message of working to improve the Los Angeles Unified School District.

Republicans always build their lies on a germ of truth - after all, who could possibly disagree that we have a dysfunctional educational system. But like many Republican wing-nuts, the hubris of his racist mindset has caused him to underestimate the intelligence of the Black community. He actually thought he could ingratiate himself with Black writers through flattery. He would never try such a ploy with a White journalist. Essentially, he came to me and said, he felt the need to approach me because of my exceptional insight. He was sure that with my keen intelligence I would be able to relay his message to those in the community who weren't bright enough to see the big picture. In other words, I'm a credit to my race.

I had long since researched the Rabbi, so I was fully aware that he was a rabid ultra-conservative who had been a strong supporter of Pat Buchanan, and had been all but banished from the Jewish community. But one should never try to out scream a fool. You listen to them carefully - very carefully. And this is what I heard:

He said, "There is nothing more corrosive to the fabric of our city than hatred based on race. But let's get real. We don't then overcompensate by hiring LAPD officers that are 4 feet, 10 inches tall! We don't go and hire officers that have rap sheets, or are otherwise unqualified. The racisim here is absolutely overt! The thinking goes like this: let's just get ANYBODY in there, as long as they're a CERTAIN skincolor..."

"Eric, I reached the boiling point when I was stopped by a woman officer that was shorter than her 9mm. I attended a Neighborhood Council meeting in W. LA in which the "captain" , a female officer, addressed the group. I looked at another officer present and remarked how this 5'6'', 150 lb woman could be the captain. He told me that many male candidates had been passed over for the position."

When I asked him to substantiate his claim he responded with opinions and anecdotes. I then pointed out to him that while diminutive female officers are not what those of our generation have come to expect, I can think of very few instances where these young women have been overpowered by thugs. On the other hand, I can think of a number of instances where physically oversized, but intellectually diminutive, thug police officers have assaulted and in some cases killed innocent citizens. So I'd rather see brains over brawn any day.

And with regard to the question that he asked the officer at the neighborhood council meeting regarding how this 5'6'', 150 lb woman could be the captain." I pointed out to him that his question alone betrayed a mindset that I found quite troubling. I then asked, how did he know the female captain wasn't twice as qualified as all of the male candidates that she competed against, to which, I never got a response. I also pointed out that he had based his assessment of the captain on purely his own opinion of what SHOULD AND SHOULD NOT BE. Thus, he'd betrayed a tendency to base his conclusions on less than informed and highly subjective opinions - the very same kind of opinions that caused many to conclude that Blacks should never be placed in positions of responsibility, or that Jews should never be trusted.

 But here's where I lost patience with him. He said the following:

"But who in the corrupted Black leadership will call for a moment of silence for those African Americans murdered in racially charged ethnic cleansing by radical Hispanic gangs? Now that we need to discuss "racism" in America by those that want to Marginalize African American citizens, where is Attorney General Eric Holder? Will he step up and do his job? Or is he also in bed with the Reconquista crowd, paralyzed by political correctness."

The above statement pointed out his true colors. It was a thinly veiled use of the murder of Stephen Tyrone Johns at the Holocaust Museum to promote the Rabbi's political agenda. Black people are also being killed by Black gangs, but he wasn't concerned about that. His only intent was to slander the Obama administration, and cause a division within the Black and Hispanic coalition that's making it impossible for Republicans to be elected.

How much does Shifren really care about Black people? Listen to the poison that he's feeding the young people in a speech before the Silicon Valley Young Republican Federation: "Multi-culturalism will be the nail in the coffin for our country . . . There are a substantial number of Black and Latino educators and administrators who will stop at nothing until they have seen 'the last gasp of White America.'"

Spoken like a true jihadist.

Eric L. Wattree

Rabbi Shifren responds....

The corrupted leadership of our community, along with their allies in the Sentinel, will do everything in their power to pull the wool over the people's eyes. NOTE: He mentions NOTHING about radical Latino gangs targeting (ethnic cleansing) Blacks, nor the illegal alien threat to middle class jobs, the degradation of our schools, trauma centers, and hospitals. He mentions not one thing about the outrageous "achievement gap", where dumbed-down LAUSD schools serve as little more than babysitting, "feel-good" centers. THIS DISTRICT (#26) HAS BEEN IN A DEMOCRATIC CHOKE-HOLD FOR AN ENTIRE GENERATION. Has the situation gotten better under the "compassionate" Dems' rule? Have race-relations improved? Or has "diversity" and "multiculturalism" become a nightmare for parents, teachers, and students trying to strive for academic excellence?

I have said, and stand by my belief that there is no such thing as a "Black/Hispanic" coalition. The Hispanic advocates are interested in open-boarders..period. This is in direct contradiction to the well-being of the Black community. Naturally, there's a whole lot of money to be made by pandering and holding out the carrot of "mutual interests" on this issue.

I stand by everything I say, and have said. I am beyond being a "Republican." I am a conservative teacher, who considers himself a patriot and wants the United States to survive. The Wattrees of this world are intent on instituting a permanent class of victims, hysterically caused by those evil "Republicans." Not one thing he has said here will improve reading scores, math scores, inculcate discipline in our molly-coddled students, elevate the scourge of illegal alien gang bangers, enable us to walk the streets at night without petrifying fear, allow local businesses to breathe and remove the yoke of taxation and regulation, sow the seeds of communal peace based on our unique and blessed Constitution and Bill of Rights.

If there is an agenda, it is the Wattree aim at the heart of meritocracy and fair play based upon achievement and standards. It is a war against all those that follow the rules, work hard, endeavor to bring their children up, even without the complexes of the hip-hop culture's debasement of women and disrespect for authority. Wattree is really telling us that values, our Western culture, capitalism, and success is for the White man. Shame on him and shame on the race-baiting Sentinel for allowing this jingoistic bilge to pass for public consumption.

But, I want you to judge. And know: long after the racist, anti-White, anti-American, anarchist Wattrees have been purged, I shall prevail. When the smoke clears, I will be standing in front of my class, chalk in hand, reporting for duty, endeavoring to arm our students with the tools they'll need to survive in a technical and complex society. My mantra will never change: WE ARE ALL AMERICANS.  We may not allow the tirades and racism of radicals to loosen the bonds that are there for the survival of our nation. If we allow the racists and opportunists among us to hasten the demise of our country, it will be on us. Our children will ask why we remained silent. So, dear friend, I will continue to speak up and remain an activist until the battle is won. Count on me to wage the battle that you know in your heart must be waged. I will continue to speak the truth and fear no man on its account.

May 7-13, 2009

The Surfing Rabbi Seeks Office

By Robin Kirk
Special to the Observer

When you think of Southern California, ocean waves, surfer-covered beaches and lifeguards in red swimsuits come to mind. Images that probably aren't drawn to the mind when you think "rabbi".

However, one man has blended both into his persona. He is Rabbi Nachum Shifren, and he is running for a State Senate seat in District #26. A California native and graduate of Reseda High School in the late 1960s, he was a Los Angeles area lifeguard for 10 years and received a commendation for saving a life. He continues to surf to this day, long flowing beard and all, and is a dedicated athlete, participating in sports ranging from running to swimming, even competing in triathlons. His athletic diversity is equally matched by his linguistic capability - he is fluent in Spanish, German, Hebrew and Yiddish.

Rabbi Shifren served as a volunteer in the Israeli Defense Forces in 1977 during the Yam Kippur War. As a result he received a degree in Combat Fitness Training at the prestigious Machon Wingate Institute for Sports in Netanya, Israel. After returning to the United States and receiving his Bachelor of Arts degree in Spanish and German Literature from UC Santa Barbara, Rabbi  Shifren headed to West Germany for graduate studies at the University of Goettingen in 1982.

In 1990 Shifren received his rabbinical ordination from the Yeshivat Tomchei Tmimim in Kfar Chabad, Israel.  The following year Shifren began teaching Spanish at the LAUSD and has been contributingto the lives of others with his influence ever since. Through his established studies and subsequent teaching over the years, Rabbi Shifren has developed a platform of beliefs to which he is entirely devoted and willing to stake his political career upon. Among his most prudent beliefs are the following:

1. Set English as the only language communicated in schools.

2. Require Californians to earn their right to be a state citizen through completion of a high school degree.

3. Withhold the right to vote, obtain a drivers license, receive a loan - such as a mortgage or car loan, or benefit from public assistance such as welfare, from any students not passing the minimum education standards set forth by the state.

4. End taxpayers' spending on services for illegal immigrants.

5. Halt taxes and lower spending. 

Shifren's belief that "dreams come true through hard work and fair play" is not only influenced by his grandparents' insistence to learn English and assimilate into the American culture when they arrived here from Russia, but also from years of teaching a diverse population of students in the state. He belongs to an organization called "Cease Fire", which fights gang violence and crime in LosAngeles.

A true humanitarian, he hasamassed hundreds of hours in prison, but he was there for all of the right reasons - as a rehab and life skills teacher. He also holds surfing lessons for the young and old alike in places such as Oahu's famous North Shore, Costa Rica and in Matanchen Bay, Mexico.

He founded Jewish Surfers International and created and publishes the Surf and Soul Newsletter. A talented speaker, he gives nutrition, fitness and spirituality seminars, and helps others learn the balance between the three for a better and more fulfilling life.

When he is not holding surf camps, teaching others about optimum health and happiness, mentoring inmates, fighting crime or running for office, Rabbi Shifren can be found writing and already has published the book "Kill Your Teacher" which documents his time teaching at Dorsey High School amidst an atmosphere of violence, threats and corruption.

This unique person with a fascinating personality has previously been featured in The Los Angeles Times, People magazine and The Jerusalem Post to name a few. That impressive resume can only be topped by his television appearances  including Good Morning America, CNN, and FOX television. Next up? The big screen! Keep your eyes out for Surfing Rabbi, a movie currently in development. He is running for State Senate in District #26, but whether he wins or not, this is not the last you have heard from Rabbi Shifren!

March 22, 2008

LA Sentinel reporter Jennfier Bihm looks at what is going on with the black leadership and the LAUSD.

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Teacher Reveals Blueprint for Failure in L.A. Schools

Reprinted from the Los Angeles Sentinel Newspaper

March 22, 2008

For a printable .pdf version click here.


Sentinel Staff Writer

No one can seem to really answer why but with a brief yet compelling, write up of his own experience, Rabbi Nachum Shifren at least- gives insight into how the Los Angeles school system is failing it's African American and Hispanic students.  In his book, "Kill Your Teacher," ex Dorsey High School teacher Shifren (more widely known as the surfing Rabbi) expresses his outrage over being fired for nothing more he said, than expecting his students to reach higher standards.  And. he said, he was called "racist" and had his classroom burned to the ground for failing students whom he refused to believe could not academically perform.

But beyond anger for his own situation, Shifren who was with LAUSD for more than ten years, is angry at the sense of apathy among parents, community leaders and administrators when it comes to educating Black and Hispanic kids.

"LAUSD needs to change the leadership of their schools," said Shifren in an interview with the Sentinel.  

"The Black leadership in [Los Angeles] is corrupt.  It is focused on victimization ... 'we've been given a bad deck of cards.'  'It's because of the White man that we can't.' I've been told that by educators and administrators.

"I feel that unless the Al Sharptons and the Jesse Jacksons...if the Black people understand that these people are only interested in themselves.  They don't care about the Black community.  "They want more dysfunction, the greater role they'll have. The more people who get it together with learning, cracking the books and adhering to standards, working hard and divesting themselves of an immediate [need for] self gratification, the less they need these racist people from outside the community saying, 'you can't do it by yourself.'  'You need my help.'

"This is a tragedy across the board with all our schools.  I've never found any Black educators who- would. get up and say, 'you what quit crying and complaining. Get in here and we'll help you' ... I never saw a phenomenon where I had so many kids with no pencils, books or homework ... nothing.  How could it be that a twelfth grader is in my class and doesn't how what an adjective is or where the verb is in a sentence," he said.

For his part the Surfimg Rabbi who taught Spanish at Dorsey, expected nothing less than adequate performance in his classroom. That meant coming to class prepared, doing the assigned homework and passing the quizzes and tests. He left his door open during lunchtime and after school he said, for students who needed help understanding the material but no one would come.

The majority of' his students failed his class because they would not comply with those standards and he would not socially promote them. For his efforts he received death threats, racial insults and no help from his higher ups who basically told him to deal with it. "F**k you, you Jewish Bastard. I'm going to kill you," he quoted one student in his book.

"After the first death threat I received from one of my students I should have been  shocked." He wrote.

"I wasn't. Threats, curses and humiliating epithets had become routine in the classroom ..."

Ultimately Shiffen was fired for "cultural insensitivity." Currently he works with teens via a program that teaches them self-esteem and life skills through surfing. However, he wants his job back he said, inside the classroom where he believes he can make a real difference.

Since his departure from Dorsey, there have been administrative changes and some academic improvement according to principal George Bartleson.

"I wasn't here when Shifien was here so I can't speak to any of the problems he had," Bartleson said.

"What I do know is that since I inherited the school in 2004 our API scores Increased by 46 points and our Academic Decathlon team just got voted 'most improved."'

Reverend Jesse Lee Peterson, founder and president of The Brotherhood Organization of A New Destiny (BOND), a group dedicated to promoting responsible fatherhood amongst -African Americans said, "If we had more teachers like Shifren we could turn America around tomorrow ..."

Wednesday October 8, 2008.

The Santa Monica Daily Press, OP-ED.

Steve "the Mailman" Breen looks at Rabbi Shifren's campaign to fix the LAUSD.

For a printable .pdf version click here.

tree or a mental midget Munchkin? Take this test and see.

1. Name the parts of speech and define those that have no modifications.

2. Find the interest of $512.60 for 8 months and 18 days at 7 percent.

3. What is the cost of 40 boards, 12 inches wide by 16 feet long at $1.20 per square meter?

4. What are the following and give examples of each: Trigraph, sub-vocals, diphthong, cognate letters and linguals?

5. Describe the movements of the earth and give its inclination.

6. Name all the republics of Europe and give the capitals of each.

Welcome to sample questions of an eighth grade exit exam from Salina, Kansas in 1895. Most kids today can’t identify the continent of Europe on a map let alone answer question six. Remember, too, that in the math portion the only “calculator” utilized was a pencil, paper and gray matter.

During the past 30 years in the Emerald City of California Education, bloviating bureaucrats masquerading as “educators,” have tangoed with your kids down the Yellow Brick Road of intellectual pursuits into the soporific poppy field of dullarddom.

California ranks 47th in academic achievement (Kansas is 15th) while having the second largest educational budget, the second highest paid teachers yet is a parsimonious 29th in per student spending. The Los Angeles Unified School District has a 1 in 3 dropout rate. And while a selfcongratulatory Santa Monica-Malibu Unified School District claims to be in the upper quintile of academic achievement in a state with a 1 in 4 dropout rate, this only makes SMMUSD a top-level bottom feeder.

The California SAT average for math and critical reading is 1017. Dubya had an SAT score of 1206. How’d your kid do?

Nachum “the Surf Rabbi” Shifren wants to reform this noxious narrative promulgated by the Lullaby League within the LAUSD. Rabbi Shifren is running for LAUSD school board against incumbent Marlene “the Wiz” Canter.

As a three-decade veteran teacher, an orthodox rabbi and ardent surfer, Rabbi Shifren is vociferously revolted by the lack of simple academic direction for students in the LAUSD.

Ms. Canter and her mangy minions manacle teachers to “class management” handbooks on “Assertive Discipline” that relies heavily on retread Pavlovian “reward/punishment” behavior modification instead of fundamental academics.

Under “Assertive Discipline,” your kid isn’t being taught intellectual self-realization so much as how to sit up and beg like Toto.

Would it be an inconvenient truth that Marlene Canter is also the co-founder and CEO of Canter and Associates, now Laureate Education, Inc., that invented “Assertive Discipline” and is ringing the cash register bell for the salivating canines holding the educational purse strings?

It must be nice to have a side business that financially dovetails into one’s day job at taxpayers’ expense. Pay no attention to that gal behind the curtain! Marlene Canter touts her greatest achievement as banning the sale of junk foods and soft drinks on LAUSD campuses.

Considering past, recent and regular occurrences of shootings/stabbings/beatings on LAUSD schoolyards, I wonder if Ms. Canter has yet surmised that bullets can kill faster than a bag of Doritos.

While teaching at Dorsey High in South Central, Rabbi Shifren was burned out of his classroom by arsonists because he had the temerity to insist that his students actually do their schoolwork! Lollipop Guild “community organizers” regularly pitched race cards at Rabbi Shifren faster than Hoyle could make them. “He’s a racist! He only sends black kids to the principal for discipline,” they priggishly squealed.

He only had black kids in his class. DOH!

Let me get this straight. Politically correct “community organizers” condescend to label a Jew as a “racist” despite the fact that the speaker who preceded Martin Luther King’s “I Have a Dream” speech was Rabbi Joachim Prinz?

German-born Rabbi Prinz tended to the Berlin Jewry during Hitler’s regime. Maybe Dorsey community organizers didn’t get the memo that folks like Rabbi Prinz, Rabbi Shifren and their tribe have had a front row seat to historical pogroms since Ramses II. The story is in a book called a “Bible.”

And what would MLK say?

Folks, Rabbi Shifren’s message is simple: Simplicity.  Now click your heels three times &ldots;

1. Scrape away all the barnacles of school administration excess. A lessened miscreant administration translates into more money for the kids where it patently belongs.

2. Go back to the fundamentals. Review those eighth grade sample questions above. How’d you do?  Washington left school at 16. Lincoln and Frederick Douglass were predominantly self-educated. In 1872, Douglass was the first black man to be nominated as vice president of the U.S. They all appeared to do pretty well without self-aggrandizing, cash corpulent academic apparatchiks monitoring the scene.

3. Parents: give teachers the power to teach without interference from selfappointed “community organizers.” Your kid might then get to be president someday like Dubya.

STEVE BREEN is looking for a conservative pair of size 12 ruby slippers for Halloween and is still “the best looking mailman at the U.S. Post Office.” He can be reached at dulcamarax@yahoo.com.

Interview with Terry Anderson on the The Terry Anderson show on Sunday September 28.

The "Prisoner of South Central" interviews Rabbi Shifren.

To go to the Terry Anderson Show website click here.

Interview with Roger Hedgecock on
KOGO Radio in San Diego
Friday September 26, 2008, 4:30PM (MP3 file, 8 MB)

Roger Hedgecock, well known talk show host and a former Mayor of San Diego interviews Rabbi Shifren.

To go to Roger's web site click here.


Interview on the Jesse Lee Peterson Show.
May 12, 2008 (MP3 file, 23 MB)

Rabbi Nachum Shifren, former LAUSD School Teacher and Author of Kill Your Teacher: An Expose of Corruption and Racism in L.A. Schools & discusses racial violence and lack of leadership within the Public Education System, talks with Jesse Lee Peterson.

California Republican Assembly Endorses Rabbi Shifren.

June 14, 2007

The New American, Not Accepting Student Failure.

October 29, 2007

Frost Illustrated, Surfing rabbi inspires urban youth to cast off stereotypes.