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California State Senate,

District #26



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Dear fellow citizens of Los Angeles:

I am asking you to take part in an election that could decide the future of our state. The issues are so important, the consequences of inaction or misaction are so grave, that each of us must think of our vote literally saving our once great state!


Any lawmaker that doesn't have a plan to address the total breakdown of our schools should be fired-- immediately. With 50% of the state budget mandated to be spent on education, it demands our highest priority to make sure that students are learning at grade level and that tax payers are assured that this vast fortune is not wasted.

As a 20-year veteran of Los Angeles Unified School District, I am very determined and capable to alter the present course of failure and corruption in the District and the state in general. The "experts" are unclear about the massive failure and dysfunction of our school districts. The State Superintendent says there's only "25% high school dropout". On the other hand, LA's Mayor Villaraigosa claims it's higher than "50%". Whatever you believe, we lose. And big time. It is YOU, the taxpayer, that will foot the bill when these dropouts are eventually sent to prison ($40,000 per year that YOU will pay for). Once there, we'll need deputy sheriffs, lawyers, therapists, food service contracts, "review boards" to monitor recidivism or good behavior, job placement, prison guard unions demanding more benefits, ACLU lawsuits about "racism" between Blacks and Hispanics, lawsuits about health care demands, federal government lawsuits about "prison crowding"......you get the picture.

Bottom line: YOU PAY, YOU PAY, YOU PAY. 

It has taken me many years of devastating disappointment and frustration before I was able to successfully identify the REAL problem in our educational system and come up with solutions.

If you put your trust in me, I will work tirelessly to make sure the following are addressed:


Enough is enough! Why can immigrants from Uganda and Bangladesh learn English (without a cadre ESL enablers and Aztlan bureaucrats), and within months have a job, following our laws, and realizing the American dream?

Answer: because they have no lobbyists and "activists" babbling about bilingualism and "the U.S. is really Mexico."

The citizens, taxpayers are fed up and tired of being ripped off. They DEMAND that our communication in our schools be in ENGLISH ONLY. There is only one reason why the taxpayer is held hostage year after year to a system of failure, where a virtual "tower of Babel" of languages and cultures must be pandered to: the Hispanic lobby's successful cries of "racism" each time someone has the guts to declare the obvious about our language and culture. This nonsense will STOP with my candidacy, as I will propose and promote legislation to bring us back to sanity and remove the death grip of "multiculturalism" from the hard-working taxpayer citizens of our state.


For those students that enjoy the benefits of free lunches and the luxury of repeated failures, with the cadre of school security to prevent them from molesting, raping, harassing, or assaulting other students or staff, I will propose that these students be required to PAY FOR THEIR SCHOOLING.

They will be removed from the classroom, and given independent study, without the benefit of a teacher. They can re-access their classroom when they've PAID A FEE and their parents sign a contract with the school dictating appropriate behavior.

BEING A CITIZEN OF THE STATE OF CALIFORNIA IS A PRIVILEGE, NOT A RIGHT. Along with living in our state should come responsibilities. We all have responsibilities in our places of work, and the responsibility of a student is to study and prepare himself to be a productive member of our society. THIS IS WHAT THE TAXPAYERS EXPECT OF OUR STUDENTS. When I witness the incredible laizzes faire attitude of wasted time, disruption of classrooms, rude behavior, violence and lackadaisical attitudes about learning, I'm reminded that we've completely spoiled these students. What world are they living in! My job as a teacher is to teach, motivate, and inculcate the students with basic knowledge about the pillars of our Western culture. The students' job is to do their best to understand and become proficient in the skills that will make them able-bodied Californians. This is my attitude, and I will work to have this spirit reflected in our state budgets and bylaws regarding state education

Any student that cannot pass the minimum standards set forth by the state, GIVES UP HIS/HER RIGHT TO THE PRIVILEGES OF BEING A CALIFORNIAN:

--I will propose legislation to deny issuing of a driving license until state standards are met.

--I will propose legislation to deny the right to vote for anyone that does not pass state standards in education.

--I will propose legislation that loans, mortgages, car ownership, be likewise limited.

--public assistance, such as welfare, will be provided for those that have graduated high school with a 2.0 GPA

In this way, we will reward those citizens with the privileges of California residency. It will cease making a mockery of "walking" at statewide commencement ceremonies where the education therein was scorned and abused. It will make clear that California TRULY has minimum standards for all its citizens.

Witness the millions upon millions spent for "materials" for students, including texts. Witness also the horrific abuse of these very books that TAXPAYERS HAVE SHELLED OUT FOR. I will propose that this insane waste of taxpayer money stop by requiring students to acquire necessary materials independently, on their own dime. May I never again hear a teacher railing and rebuking the "racist elitists" for not providing paper and pencil for students! Sorry, but if school is so important, then this will be manifested in the willingness of parents to have their students prepared the first day of class.

Millions upon millions is thrown away each year to have "sweepers", janitors, and staff "pick up"the wrappers, food, and junk thrown away by our complacent students. They live in another world. Why don't they throw food on their kitchen floors at home? Answer: there's the back hand of a nearby parent. I WILL ASK THAT NOT ONE DIME BE BUDGETED TO THIS INSANITY. By requiring students to maintain their campus in pristine order, we take the burden from the TAXPAYING CITIZENS and let the kids take pride in a beautiful campus environment.

No more playing the race card! We cannot, as a society, countenance negative or destructive behavior in our schools by pandering to race. Teachers may not be ASSUMED to be racists simply for failing or punishing a student. If we want to keep quality teachers, we must stop the divisiveness of racial pandering and racial harassment on the part of teachers to compel them to act in an unprofessional manner.


Unlike my opponents, I have actually done REAL time in prison! No, not as an inmate, but rather as a rehab and life skills teacher. I have witnessed first hand the army of broken human beings that the state is forced to contend with, and the CITIZEN TAXPAYERS MUST PAY FOR. A person entering prison for the first time (myself), notices the following: deputy sheriffs sitting around, talking about their vacations, what's for dinner, reading the sports section, ad nauseam. There is an army of "contractors" bring food, clothing, and other services to the prisoners.  People like myself, teachers, work vigilantly to try to hold back the floodgates of a human jungle that threatens to drown out any trace of humanity in these unfortunate individuals. Millions are paid to "experts" and "behavior modifiers" that traipse in and out of the prison doors, promising a better way to re-educate and rehabilitate. BUT, IT IS YOU WHO FOOT THE BILL FOR ALL THE ABOVE, WHETHER IT WORKS OR NOT.


I WILL WORK TO PUT A STOP TO THIS INSANITY AND CORRUPTION. I will endeavor to legislate a cutting of funds for all illegals in the jails or prisons. Any services they require will be PAID FOR BY THEIR FRIENDS AND FAMILIES. This will include any food or personal items they need.

I believe this will end the "I-have-to-go-to-jail-to-prove-myself-to-my-homies" attitude that I witnessed so often behind bars. Jail and prison for these miscreants has become a "challenge" in the gang hierarchy, a rite of passage for young gangbanger wannabes. THE TAXPAYERS OWE NOT ONE CENT TO ANYONE WHO HAS VIOLATED OUR LAWS. THEY OWE US.


This state is an economic basket case. Period. Anyone suggesting that we spend one dime of TAXPAYER money to enable and foster those that are here illegally should themselves be hit with the bill of this onerous impact on our state. I will work tirelessly so that only AMERICAN CITIZENS receive benefits from food stamps, welfare, schools, hospitals, loans and mortgages. I will work to promote/propose legislation about employers that hire illegals.


If all of the above can be accomplished, we should be able to reduce by half our state income taxes. Even so, I will dedicate my candidacy to halting taxes and lowering spending. WE ARE PURSUING CONFISCATORY TAX POLICIES AGAINST THE MIDDLE CLASS AND SMALL BUSINESS OWNERS. We cannot create wealth in this way.


Nachum Shifren, Spanish teacher, surfer, and Reseda High School graduate (1969)