The Price is right?
The game show where YOU pay higher taxes and get less!

Rabbi Shifren offers a closer look...

Curren Price Says....


“It’s fair to raise taxes on those doing well."



Rabbi Shifren Responds...

According to Price, you are a rich man if you're pulling in $150,000. How do you feel about that? Well, let me translate the Price double-speak: We have a state filled with misfits, non-producers, who won't work, seeing their lot as caused by a "white racist" power structure. Those who bust their behinds to eek out a living, keep their kids off drugs and hold them accountable for their conduct and achievement in school-those are the unfortunate ones from whom Price wants to strip every extra dime they have. Herein lies the long-hoped for transformation of our society through distributing the wealth of the middle class to the illegal aliens and those who fail in our schools, violate our laws, and then call us racists when we send them to jail.


Curren Price says...


Claims that a simple majority is needed to pass a budget, avoiding "gridlock."



Rabbi Shifren Responds...

The two thirds majority was sent from Heaven to stop the special interests, unions, and their lobbyists from ripping off the middle class and bankrupting the state. Somewhere in Heaven, Howard Jarvis is smiling about our vigilance against the criminal onslaught against the endangered species called "homeowners."


Curren Price says...


"universal health care without raising taxes."



Rabbi Shifren Responds...

This pipe dream didn't dome to fruition during the Clinton administration, despite great efforts by Hillary Clinton to ram it down America's throat.  American steadfastly rejected universal health care on the European model. It is wasteful, ineffective, and substandard. There is an agenda here. Notice there's no mention of hospitals and trauma centers going broke due to uninsured illegal aliens. Mr. Price knows this, and despite the devastation brought upon our healthcare system by illegals, nonetheless has decided that their votes (even if they can't vote, no problem) is worth more than the viability of California.

Curren Price wanted...


(Price favored legislation mandating public notice for hospital closings)



Rabbi Shifren Responds...

How will giving communities one month's notice for a hospital closing help?  How about insisting that all those that enter for medical care are Americans and/or can pay, even partially for services?  More smoke and mirrors -in classic Price style!


Curren Price boasted....


Price boasts of an endorsement by Gil (one-bill, drivers' license to illegals) Cedillo.



Rabbi Shifren Responds...

This, more than anything else, tells us about the integrity of Curren Price. Let me translate this endorsement for you: One-bill Gill knows that he can count on Price to watch his back on that issue. But think for a moment: can anyone normal imagine the government of Mexico issuing driving licenses to Gringos? No way, not from a government that issues shoot-to-kill orders on illegal aliens crossing the Guatemalan border. Talk about cultural "insensitivity" toward fellow Hispanics!!


Curren Price says...


Price calls his proposed legislation to register all 16-year-olds to vote as "historic."



Rabbi Shifren Responds...

As usual, more smoke and mirrors designed to give the impression of actual accomplishment. What would be truly "historic" if if Price would come out and call our educational establishment the total fraud that it is, and detail a Draconian plan to get our kids really learning. With a 50% drop-out rate, and only 30% of seniors reading at grade level, do we really want to use our school resources for more social engineering-this time at the ballot box? And by the way, if Price is so concerned with our youth experiencing the fundamentals of democracy, then let him recall that the formula for democracy and freedom is an enlightened electorate. The cynic may want to ask here: to which political party would these "pre-registered" students choose to belong? With Price's record as a rapacious tax-and-spender, the answer might not be so difficult to find.


Curren Price Authored  AB 2400


AB 2400 Requires local hospitals to notify public in case of closure.



Rabbi Shifren Responds...

This idiocy recalls the mythical Jewish town of Chelm. The rickety, worn-out bridge leading to their town was the cause of much loss of life and severe injury due to the horrific falls to the valley below. To remedy this, the "wise" men of Chelm decided to build a hospital on the valley floor, right beneath the damaged portion of the bridge.

So too, here, in Price's fantasyland, the solution appears incomprehensible. At a candidate forum, Price ducked and dodged when asked his position on the crushing impact of illegal aliens to our state infrastructure.

"It's a federal issue," was his simplistic way of avoiding the gravest threat to our nation, its language, and its economic vitality. Californians are being asked to bare the burden of millions of third-world refugees that are exhausting our resources and bankrupting our hospitals. And so, in putting a band aid on the cancer, Price goes through the motions, in another classic example of bureaucratic ineptness and total disregard for the dire straits of the taxpayers.

Since we're talking about utter disdain for the taxpayers, Price's alligator tears about the CLOSURE OF DREW/KING hospital would be well-received by the town of Chelm. No mention by Price of the total breakdown in patient care, where patients already IN Drew must call 911 to receive proper care. No mention of the Board of Supervisors' chronic attempts to get a handle on the incompetence and mismanagement. No mention of the nepotism and corruption. No mention of the impact of illegal aliens on the resources of Drew King.  Here is Curren Price doing what he does best: obfuscates, identifies a perceived victim, and always chalks it up to a lack of funding!


Curren Price said.... at the Educational Summit, Inglewood, Ca. 5-26-08

Theme: Closing the achievement gap.



"Students' achievement depends on resources--we know that social and economic issues impact."



Rabbi Shifren Responds...

When Price is in doubt, he cries, "funding!" There is no greater myth than "lack of resources." LAUSD spends $12,000 per student per year. It is too much. These students need a rigorous, academic culture of learning with lots of discipline, parent involvement, and consequences for student defiance, lack of cooperation, or failure to perform assignments. While at DORSEY HIGH SCHOOL, I had 150 students in my classes one semester. On "Back-To-School" night, 5 parents came. There are  no consequences for failure or sloth in our schools, so it's no wonder why there's an attitude of teachers as baby sitters. This needs to stop immediately.  There's too much stuff out there competing for the students' attention. Media, Internet, gangs the opposite sex, sports, etc.

For those hard-core schools that are under siege, the following is a must:

--separate boys and girls

--have an independent study hall for those students threatening or assaulting staff or other students. ACADEMIC PROGRESS CANNOT BE TORPEDOED BY IRRESPONSIBLE STUDENTS!

--2.0 GPA for athletes

--mandatory week-end, before , after school tutoring for below passing grades. Beyond that, students who remain indifferent to offers of extra curricular assistance, being that this represents a major effort and expense, will pay a fee to re-take classes not passed.

Read the Los Angeles Times article, Spitting in the eye of mainstream education.  This is the story of three no-frills charter schools in Oakland that mock liberal orthodoxy -- and produce some of the state's top scores.  To read the article, click here.


Ending the 2/3 majority vote to raise taxes.
(Taxes will skyrocket if this happens)
Government run health care
(if you love the post office, you'll love this!)
Supporting (and paying for) illegal aliens
Allowing 16 year olds to vote
More funding (but no accountability) for the failed LAUSD
Drivers licenses for illegal aliens

Ask yourself, can you afford Curren Price?
Sadly, the price is not right!